Susan Kelly Brutal Murder In the Alley! A mystery schoolboy May Know How to find The Culprit!

After Susan’s mum asked a boy to come forward, detectives issued a new appeal for information.

Susan Kelly was murdered and left in an alley near Anfield in September 2000.

A mother of a victim of murder 20 years ago is appealing for the help of a schoolboy.

Victim Susan Kelly’s mum believes he could be a witness to her daughter’s brutal murder 21-years ago.

Detectives are appealing for new information on the murder of the 38-year-old man whose mutilated body was found in an alleyway in north Liverpool.

Susan’s body was found by a dog walker in Anfield on September 2, 2000. She had suffered several injuries.

Susan’s murder was committed by a man in 2003. The court heard that her throat was cut with a piece of pottery.

However, the case was dismissed prior to the conclusion of a trial by order from Mr. Justice Douglas Brown.

Merseyside Police’s forensic investigators were at the alley where Susan was found dead 21 years ago

Last year, Susan Kelly’s mother, Cathy Kelly, spoke out on the 20th anniversary. Kelly emphasized the importance of a boy who might have witnessed her daughter’s murder.

Bootle resident Mrs. Kelly said that she visited the crime scene the day after her daughter was killed and talked to several sex workers standing nearby.

One of the sex workers suggested her 12-year-old son may have information. Kelly claimed that the boy described a dispute between a woman and a man.

She said: “He heard a load of women arguing, and women crying on the entry. The next thing a fella said ‘you have just f****** seen her haven’t you? That’s what will happen to you if you don’t keep your mouth shut.”

Mrs. Kelly claimed that the boy looked terrified and refused to speak to the police. But detectives were informed of what he had to say and attempted to locate the crying woman.

Mrs. Kelly stated that she was able to recall seeing a report about the discovery of a woman’s body in Anfield.

The victim’s relatives then visited her home and told her it was her daughter.

She said: “The next thing there was a knock on the door and it was our Bill (Susan’s brother) and his wife. I said ‘oh hello, it’s not like you to call this late.’

“He said, “Sit down Mum”. I was immediately aware that there was something wrong. He asked me if I had been watching the television. He asked me if I had been watching the television.

“He said ‘have you seen the news?’ and as soon as he mentioned the news I knew. I said ‘no, it wasn’t her’ and he said it was.”

Susan wanted to work with disabled people.

She was in a long-term relationship with her husband and had a boy in 1982.

Susan was a dedicated mother until her ex-partner got involved in drug crimes.

Susan’s mum stated that Susan’s mental health started to decline after a group of robbers broke into her apartment looking for drugs, cash, and money.

Mrs. Kelly stated that Susan was diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia following this ordeal. She then began to have chaotic and dysfunctional relationships and interactions with other men.

Mrs. Kelly stated that her daughter had become a drug addict and tried sexwork.

The police have issued a new appeal for information regarding the case.

Richie Salter, Detective Superintendent: “Time is no barrier to bringing someone to justice.

“I would urge anyone with information about the murder of Susan Kelly who hasn’t already spoken to police to come forward and speak to us.”

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