Superbad 2 – Jonah Hill Said There’s Only One Way He Would Make The Sequel

Superbad 2 - Jonah Hill Said There's Only One Way He Would Make The Sequel

SuperbadFans have been calling for a sequel ever since the film was released in 2007. For years, rumors about a sequel have been circulating. Seth Rogen was one of the people involved in the film and has been anxious about revisiting it. Despite some apprehension, SuperbadJonah Hill, star of the movie, has an idea for a sequel. The Don’t Look UpStar revealed the only possible way he would make Superbad 2.

Superbad became Hill’s Hollywood breakthrough as the film took over the box office and pop culture. The film was a huge success. Mid90sRecent work shows that director has moved beyond his sex obsession with Seth. That doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to return for more hijinks with Michael Cera and Chris Mintz-Plasse in the future. Jonah Hill said to WHis idea for a possible follow-up.

I haven’t pitched it to anybody. When we are 80, I would like to do a Superbad 2. Like, “old-folks-home Superbad.”We become single again after our spouses pass away. This is how I want Superbad 2 be.

Seth, Evan, McLovin and McLovin catching up in an assisted-living home sounds like a fantastic idea for a sequel. It would be great to see the men reminiscing over old memories while making new ones, despite how morbid the idea is. Some sequels work best when the audience is able to catch up with characters many years later. Catch-up sequels can be cool, but oftentimes, they can end up messing up the original film’s concept. Hill seemed to have that understanding as he painted a Grumpy Old MenFor the Millennial Set.

Jonah Hill wasn’t the first SuperbadAlum to suggest a new angle for a sequel. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin, believed that the sequel should be focused on women and not follow the same path as the original. Booksmart. He felt bringing back the original stars for a sequel could tarnish the 2007 coming-of-age film’s legacy. This marked a shift as Mintz-Plasse had been open to making a sequel. Judd Abatow, producer, had been wishing for a sequel. SuperbadThe sequel was stopped because no one wanted to return. But it seems like Hill might be ready for another film… just decades from now.

As lines and scenes were parodied across media, the original film became pop culture’s most beloved movie. As a new generation of film fans began to quote the film, that train has continued. So, SuperbadStill making an impression on viewers

Since the movie’s release, more than a decade ago the writers and cast have experienced great success in Hollywood. Watch the entire film to see every line and scene. SuperbadPrime Video.

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