Super Rich Girl Humiliates Homeless Man Few Years Later Their Roles Change! True Story

A young, wealthy girl is arrogant enough to scorn a homeless man but her fate holds a lesson for her.

Anna Barklay, aged 21, received an inheritance. Anna began living a fast life after her grandparents left her a trust account.

She partied with beautiful people, bought designer clothes only, and lived in Manhattan’s penthouse. Anna thought life was great and the party would never stop. She was wrong.

Anna wasn’t only wealthy, but she was also beautiful. Soon, her face was all over gossip magazines, Instagram pages, and as she began to romance celebrities.

But Anna’s endless string of lovers led to some serious consequences. Anna found out she was pregnant one day. Anna went to see the doctor thinking that she could fix the problem quickly. But she was stunned.

The doctor examined her and performed some tests. “I’m afraid it’s too late for the solution you want, Ms. Barklay, “He told her: “You’re too far along.”

“What do you mean?”Anna gasped. “You’ve always taken care of things before!”

Anna was glamorous, beautiful, and wealthy

“Well, “The doctor replied coldly “you were very careless I can’t do anything.”

“You mean… I have to have this brat?” screamed Anna. “But I don’t even know who the father is!”

Anna’s busy social life was put on hold by her pregnancy. As her pregnancy progressed she was no longer invited to parties with her “friends” and could not dance all night.

Anna failed to realize that time is fleeting and was forced to face the consequences.

It was a long wait, but finally, Anna went into labor and delivered a beautiful little girl. The doctor attempted to place the baby in Anna’s arms, but she turned her face away.

“Take that thing away,” She spoke. “I don’t want it!”Anna signed the adoption papers eagerly without ever holding her baby. She left the hospital without holding her baby and was soon back to her life.

Anna’s good time was about to end.

It all seemed even more exciting and wonderful and glamorous than before! Anna jumped back into the party scene and began an affair with a well-known basketball player.

Anna was walking out of one of New York’s most exclusive clubs when she saw a homeless person sitting at the door. Anna was spotted by the homeless man and he called her. “Please, could you spare me some change so I can eat something?”

Anna looked at the man sitting on a cardboard box with a plastic cup in front of him, and she sneered. “Get up and get a job!”After that, she kicked over the cup and its few coins and laughed as the man tried to pick them up.

Anna turned her back and walked off. The man was filthy, and Anna was rich, beautiful, and glamorous. They couldn’t possibly have any commonality, could they?

The money was the first thing to go. But, nothing lasts forever. Anna realized that she had spent all the money her grandparents left her and was on the brink of poverty.

She was not ready to give up her luxurious lifestyle or get a job so she partnered up with an older, very wealthy man who had been in love for a while.

Tim wasn’t very attractive, but he was very wealthy and very generous, and he paid for her Manhattan penthouse and gave her a series of platinum credit cards. He never visited without bringing gifts to her, most often jewelry.

“My Anna,” He sighed and placed a sparkling diamond necklace around her neck. “You deserve to sparkle like a movie star!” Life was good, and Anna put up with Tim’s visits, his hairy hands, and his slobbery kisses for the sake of the money.

Tim had Anna as his mistress for more than ten years. Then things changed. Tim began to be more distant and less generous towards Anna and began criticizing her. “You’re getting a little long in the tooth, Anna!”He said. “How old are you now?”

Anna smiled sweetly. “Baby, I’m only 29!”

Tim looked at her figure with a cold expression. “You look fifty. I think it’s time for me to move on.”Tim left the house that night. Anna went into her luxury bathroom and looked in the unforgiving lighting.

Her figure was not as firm and trim as it used to be, and her lifestyle had caused damage to her skin. Tim had been misled by Anna. Anna was 36 years old but looked older. She had spent her beauty like money.

Tim did not just kick Anna out; he also took back all of his expensive jewelry and credit cards. Although she was able to make ends meet by selling her designer shoes and handbags for a while, they were soon gone.

Anna, a glamorous aging beauty who was not wealthy, found herself on the streets. Anna didn’t have the money to pay for even the most basic motel so she hid in a doorway and waited until her death.

Anna was lying in bed when she heard the gentle voice of a stranger. “Here, my dear, drink this. It will help.”A tall man stood in front of her, holding a hot mug of soup and blanket.

Anna enjoyed the soup and was thankful. She continued to stare at the man’s expression. He seemed so familiar… She then remembered the beggar at the club. She cried.

“I know you, “She spoke. “I kicked over your cup…Why are you helping me?”

The man gently took her hand. “My dear, I’ve been where you are now, and where you were before,” He said. “I was lucky enough to come out on the other side, and I know you deserve a second chance.”

David, the man’s real name was David. He had established Second Chances, an organization that assisted homeless people to get on their feet. Anna slept peacefully in a comfortable bed that night.

Anna was able to find a job with David and moved into her own apartment. Anna volunteer there on weekends, but she still felt something.

Anna made peace with her past

Anna wanted to ensure that her little girl was safe. One of David’s friends helped Anna discover that her little girl had been adopted. Anna felt at peace with the past because she was able to abandon her child.

What can we take away from this story?

  • Wealth and beauty may fade, but a kind heart will last forever. Anna failed to realize that time is fleeting and was forced to face the consequences.
  • Before we can make peace with our past, we must first move on to a better life.Anna had to repent for her past mistakes before she could feel happy again.

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