Suki Waterhouse’s Parents Met at the Hospital – Facts about Them

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Suki’s parents have shown that their daughter’s career is not the only impressive one within the family. They both are medical professionals. Suki revealed that her mother and father are the ones who inspire her the most, even though she is the famous one in the family.

Suki Waterhouse, a star in the entertainment business, was actually born to Elizabeth and Norman Waterhouse. Elizabeth is a cancer nurse and Norman specializes as a plastic surgeon. Even though Suki’s parents are different from her, she still learns a lot.

Norman Waterhouse, a surgeon and lover of organization who is a father himself, had to accept that his daughter would drop out of high school in order to be a model. Suki Waterhouse’s parents now support their daughter’s modeling career.

Suki Waterhouse at the 2023 REVOLVE Festival on April 15, 2023, in Thermal, California. | Source: Getty Images

Suki waterhouse, April 15th, 2023 at Thermal, California, REVOLVE 2023 Festival.Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Suki Waterhouse’s parents are both in the medical field

According to Norman—who also goes by Normy—and Elizabeth’s daughter, the couple did not have the most romantic meet-cute. Suki You can also read about the importance of this in our article:

“My dad is a plastic surgeon…and my mom’s a nurse, which is how they met—in a hospital, over decaying bone.”

Norman and Elizabeth did not only share a medical career. Suki claims that her mom was a “secret hippy” while her father also loves to be outdoors and enjoys rock climbing.

Norman’s reputation as a plastic enthusiast is well known. His expertise took him around the world. He performs surgery in Dubai when he’s not teaching in China.

Norman’s son revealed that his father never shut off the surgeon part of him. Suki said, “My dad approaches everything in his daily life as if it were a major surgery. Even catching the plane with our family is a big deal to him.” You can also read about the importance of this in our article.

Suki’s parents taught her the importance of working hard

Suki and Norman often enjoyed take-your-daughter-to-work days when she was growing up. The actress said that she learned about work ethics from her parents’ treatment of burn patients or deformed patients. Suki Share this article:

“…I have always seen my parents toiling hard. This strong work ethic is something that has been important for my family.”

Before becoming a successful actress—and sharing the screen with Dakota Johnson, Sam Cleflin, and Lily Collins—Suki briefly followed in her parent’s footsteps. She was a booking agent for her father’s breast implants company. She later realized her true passion was the entertainment business.

Suki Waterhouse at the Boss Spring/Summer 2023 Miami Runway Show on March 15, 2023, in Miami, Florida. | Source: Getty Images

Suki waterhouse will be at the Boss Spring/Summer Miami Runway Show in Miami on March 15, 2020.Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Suki Waterhouse spends time with her parents

Norman wasn’t thrilled that his daughter dropped out of high school in order to pursue her dream of being a model. However, he has supported her career since then and has accompanied her to events on the red carpet, such as the Tribeca Film Festival.

Suki still finds time to spend with her mom, even though she is a model for Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger. The actress enjoyed a relaxing ride on a gondola in 2016. Ride a bike Suki’s mother is, in Suki’s words, the one who has the ability to speak. Chocolate, tea and cereal are all forms of kindness.

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