Subway Breakfast Sandwiches – Ranking + Photos

WINNER: The Black Forest ham and egg sandwich was more balanced than the bacon alternative.

subway's black forest ham, egg, and cheese sandwich split in half on wrapper

This Subway breakfast is something I would order again.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

Black Forest Ham is a type smoked meat that has been dry-cured in salt and is well-known for its delicious taste.

Despite this, the sandwich tasted almost identical to the bacon-flavored one. I had to double check the inside to ensure I ordered the correct meal.

However, after taking out the meat and tasting it individually, I realized that the Black Forest Ham had a sweeter taste than the other hams. Plus its texture was wonderful —  slightly chewy with nice, crispy edges.

While the meat was still undoubtedly salty, it was the most tolerable.

The combination of the melted cheese and mildly tangy flavors created a delicious blend that was both sweet and slightly smoky. Although it could have been improved with a sauce like mustard, it was still quite good as it is. 

VERDICT:Although I was not blown away with the Black Forest-ham sandwich it was certainly the best. This is the only one I would order again.

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