Strictly’s Katya Jones’ ‘real’ name revealed after Adam Peaty lets it slip in rehearsals

Strictly Come Dancing fans might be confused to find out that Katya Jones’ full name is actually something different after her celebrity dance partner Adam Peaty called her by her ‘real’ name during training.

Katya, 32-year-old fan favourite, asked Olympic swimmer Adam, 26 a question during rehearsals before Saturday’s live show.

She asked: “What’s my name, Adam?”

The sportsman shouted from across the studio: “Katushka”, with a huge smile.

Katya laughed and answered, “That’s damn right.”

However, it turns out that neither Katya or Katushka is the professional dancer’s real name.

Ekaterina Andreevna Solova, the Russian champ, was born Ekaterina andreevna Sokolova.

Katya Adams
Katya asked Adam what her name was

Her surname changed to Jones after she married fellow Strictly dancer Neil Jones in 2013.

They split after Katya was seen kissing Seann Walsh (her Strictly partner) in a photo.

Katya has been sharing videos at the gym, laughing about Adam being her partner.

She joked as she pushed a weight sled across the gym: “That’s what it feels like dancing with Adam Peaty.”

Katya Jones
The professional has been making jokes about Adam’s competitiveness

Adam is unsurprisingly very competitive given his Olympic background.

He is wondering what happens if judges don’t like him.

The ambitious star said: “I can take criticism but if I think it was a good dance, I’ve put my heart and soul into it, hours and hours of training and a lot of hard work then if someone says it’s a three or a four then I’m not going to be happy am I.”

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But he added: “That’s the game, that’s what I’ve got myself in for I guess.

“I know it’s going to be very hard and very different. When the training begins, I’ll be working hard.”

He continued: “I have won almost every competition that I entered.

“Going into that is very different. I don’t know what to expect.

Adam peaty and Katya Jones
Katya has won before and Adam likes to win at everything

“Whatever my pro dancer says, I’ll do. I’ll trust her with my life.”

Fans will be excited to see what he gets up to when the live shows start properly.

His training will prove useful but viewers were still impressed by the group dances he performed last weekend.

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