Stranger Things’ Vecna’s transformation time-lapse – which made Millie Bobby Brown cry


Netflix has shown an incredible timelapse of Jamie Campbell Bower’s amazing transformation into Vecna – or Henry, or number One.

The streaming platform released the last two episodes of Stranger Things Volume 4 last week.

After several weeks of waiting, Season 4’s first episode was released. Fans around the world were able to binge-watch their favourite fantasy series after a few weeks.

Within hours, the show became another popular Netflix program.

We also get to see Vecna’s chaos and more.


James Campbell Bower’s incredible Vecna transformation

Netflix released a timelapse of James Campbell, Stranger Things’ actor, undergoing Vecna’s painfully slow transformation. The entire transformation would take approximately 7 and a quarter hours.

James had to wait in the hair and make-up chair for unbelievably long times to become the Stranger Things villain.

When Henry Creel/001 was first revealed as the season villain, many viewers weren’t sure if Bower was actually in the costume. Some wondered if it was CGI, or computerised magic. But, no, he was in there somewhere – underneath a lot of prosthetics and patience.

The video shows James reading papers on his phone and sipping coffee while he sits in a chair. Since then, the meme of James sipping his coffee has been a common sight. It seems that even a Stranger Things villain needs caffeine.

Jamie is placed on his stomach and front so he can experience the bull body effect of the suit. He also has to remain in various poses so they can ensure it’s fixed to all parts of him. It could be his armpits or under his chin, or the intricate areas of his face.

On Twitter, they also shared a clip of Jamie’s voice over work. He sits in his usual get-up – no scars or moving body parts just blonde hair – and speaks.

Millie Bobby Brown wept when Vecna first appeared to her.

Jamie also shared his story IGN El (Millie Bobby Brown), was the first to see Vecna. She burst into tears.

For the show, El hadn’t seen Vecna nor confronted him yet. While her friends were fighting for their lives at Hawkins, she was trying regain her powers. Jamie revealed to the outlet that Brown had cried during the Mind Lair’s epic showdown.

Then, he said that production had decided to keep it in.

Jamie said: ““And her reaction, what you see on camera, is pretty much what was done on the day.”

“She saw me, burst into tears, and then [cinematographer Caleb Heymann] turned around to everyone and was like ‘we should film on Mills now.’ And everyone was like, ‘absolutely. Just set it up, let’s go,’ “ he added.

“And I gave her space, I gave her distance, because when a reaction like that is happening, it’s so important that it’s maintained. And so I gave her distance and let her know that it was me when we were moving on, and I think that made her much more comfortable… And bless her, she absolutely brought it.”

When is Stranger Things’ season 5 release date?

Although, fans have not been told when Stranger Things season 5 will be released – some speculate it could be as soon as 2024.

Reports indicate that Netflix bosses are a good thing. ‘in tears’They heard the pitch for the fifth season from the Duffer Brothers.

Due to the Covid pandemic, there was a significant delay in Stranger Things season 3 & 4. Let’s hope we’re not left hanging too long for the epic battle between Eleven, the party and Vecna (AKA Henry, AKA 001).

Netflix – Stranger Things Season 4

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