Stranger Things Season 5 Producer Teases Blockbuster Runtimes

Stranger Things Season 5 Producer Teases Blockbuster Runtimes

Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy has hinted in a recent interview that season 5 will keep the show’s blockbuster runtimes.

Stranger Things Season 4 is one of the most watched TV shows in history. Not only because of the cultural impact, but also due to the size of each episode. Shawn Levy, Stranger Things’ producer and director of season 5, has already hinted at the fact that season 5 will also be a big season.

Season 4’s blockbuster runtimes

Stranger Things 4 season 4 has arrived in Netflix’s summer 2022. The runtimes for some episodes are as long and rambling as full-length feature films.

The final three chapters would look right at home in a cinema.

Total runtime for the 9-episode series was 778 min (12 hours and 56 minutes).

Stranger Things Season 5 Producer Teases Blockbuster Runtimes

A recent interview conducted with Total FilmShawn Levy is the Stranger Things Producer and he discussed some preparations that are being made for Season 5.

“There’s no way to be contiguous with season 4, and not, frankly, expand scale and depth,” Levy revealed about the forthcoming season.

The producer also hinted that season 4’s gargantuan runtimes are likely to transfer over into season 5 as well.

“It’s major, major, cinematic storytelling that happens to be called a TV series,” he said. “Stranger Things 5 is as big as any of the biggest movies that we see.”

Levy’s comments got us thinking, after season 4 of Stranger Things ended with an ‘episode’ that ran for two hours and 22 minutes, what are the chances of a season 5 episode reaching the three-hour mark?

Season 5: What do we know?

Stranger Things season 5 may still be a while away but there are already a few details available about it.

The fifth season will serve as the final entry in Stranger Things and is currently planned to consist of eight episodes – the first of which is titled The Crawl.

David Harbour is the actor who portrays Jim Hopper. revealed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that the scripts have been completed and that they are “bigger than anything we’ve done in the past.”

The original plan was to start filming season 5 in May 2023, but due to ongoing WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike action it had to be postponed indefinitely.

Variety June 2018 Linda Hamilton, from the Terminator series has been cast for an unspecified role.

The plot of season five is likely to pick up almost exactly where Stranger Things 4 left off, with Vecna alive, and the Upside Down creeping into Hawkins.

The prospect is TERRIFYING: Stranger Things’ Vecna was even more horrific in early concept designs

Stranger Things Seasons 1 to 4 are available. Available to stream Now on Netflix as we wait for the final and fifth season.

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