Steve Harvey Explains Why Celebrity Family Feud was To Blame for His Bland Style (Until Now).

Steve Harvey Explains Why Celebrity Family Feud was To Blame for His Bland Style (Until Now).

Steve Harvery is a style icon that no one would have believed. If you’ve only seen him on Celebrity Family FeudYou would never have known that the man had a wife until very recently. Some serious color in his wardrobe. Harvey now reveals why there was a shift in Harvey’s digs. Celebrity Family FeudWhat is to blame? 

It turns out, Steve Harvey’s new style isn’t exactly new for him. He seems to dress very similar in his personal life. His work attire was made more bland for a reason. 

The long-term Family FeudIn an interview, the host shares his thoughts with GQThat’s the way Celebrity Family FeudIt just made sense that his suits should be very simple after the shoot. And here’s the result. His stylist was hired to bring more color into his clothesThe producers were open to the idea of letting him wear his own style. Here’s what The game show host says, exactly:

Well, man, it was sort of strange because I dress like this when I’m not at work, but I’m always photographed at work. We did it after I hired Elly. [the] NFL Honors [awards show]Two years ago, Celebrity Family Feud stated that, ‘Why don’t we let Steve dress like that on Celebrity Family Feud?’ And that opened up the door. Because on Celebrity Family Feud, the way they shot the show, I had to wear the same suit every show—I could just pick a dark blue or black or a gray.

With such a strong and colorful personality as Steve Harvey, you would think the people at Celebrity Family FeudThat stylist would have been allowed to show on the program. It may have worked, provided that the show was shot in a way that made sense. 

Production apparently on Celebrity Family FeudIt was not known in which order the various family games were going to air. They wanted Steve Harvey to appear in the same suit, so it would look as if it was shot the same day. Harvey said that the suit became a kind of uniform over the years. In his own words, here it is:

Well, because the way they shoot Celebrity Family Feud, they never know which order they’re going to air the shows. So on the break, at the end of the first show, I’ll say, ‘Hey, stay tuned. We’ll have new families come up,’ and we didn’t know who I was going to tape, so they asked me to wear the same thing all the time. In the first few years of Celebrity Family Feud, if you go back, that’s all I had—the same suit.

Steve Harvey hosts Family Feud since more than 10 years. Celebrity Family FeudSince its creation in 2015. That’s kind of a long time to not be able to show off that sweet style he is now bringing on camera every week. 

Celebrity Family FeudEvery Sunday at 8pm Central, Steve Harvey is seen in a new suit every week. This show is something you can look forward to along with other celebrities. The massive failures that make for even greater laughs. If you’re not into the game show scene, though, Harvey has A brand new ABC show is in the works, which will keep him on ABC and following his own set rules, which probably means he’ll be playing by his own style as well.

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