Steve Cortes, a former Trump Campaign Advisor, is leaving Newmax

Steve Cortes, a former Trump Campaign advisor, is leaving right-wing cable network Newsmax. Within the next week, he will host his final broadcast.

According to dailybeast, Cortest has been at odds with the network for some time. The host denies that there were any issues, but Newsmax’s company-wide vaccine policy is what led him to exit. 

Newsmax instituted earlier this month a rule that requires all employees to either have their vaccines or submit for weekly COVID testing. The news of such a policy, which was in compliance with the Biden administration’s policy for businesses with more than 100 employees, pushed Cortes to unequivocally declare on Twitter that he wouldn’t have any part of it.

The mandatory rule that all employees must be tested weekly for COVID and vaccinated was instituted by the organization in compliance with the Biden administration policy. Cortest, who is a vocal critic of vaccines, has spoken out on Twitter.

Publicly expressing disapproval of his employer may have been the final straw. However, a member of the Newsmax staff said that the matter has been discussed for some time. 

“It’s been ongoing for a while,”One Newsmax staffer said that Cortes is the current newsmax. “a constant risk”Because of his penchant For making controversial or inflammatory comments

Another possibility is that Cortes might be having legal issues with the broadcast network. “because the ratings for [the Cortes] show suck”Newsmax is simply looking for a change of pace.

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