Stephen Amell fires at John Cena over Green Arrow diss

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell did not watch John Cena in Thursday’s HBO Max finale of “Peacemaker.”

But Amell had thoughts, and a zinger right back, about Peacemaker’s NSFW jab at the DC superhero Green Arrow during the episode. 

Super jerk Peacemaker, played by Cena, roasts the Green Arrow by saying the bow-wielding superhero “goes to Brony conventions dressed as the back half of Twilight Sparkle.”

The rest is unsuitable for a family publication. But Brony conventions, better known as BronyCon, are for “My Little Pony” fans and Twilight Sparkle, a sparkly purple unicorn, is one of the characters on the kids’ show.

Journalist Andy Behbakht tweeted screenshots of the “Peacemaker” exchange and tagged Amell, 40, adding that he “would genuinely love to hear what he thinks of the #DCEU’s first name drop of #GreenArrow.”

“Haven’t seen it,” Amell, who stars as Jack Spade in the pro wrestling show “Heels,” responded on Twitter. “Too busy showing Cena what professional wrestling should actually look like on tv.”

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Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on CW's "Arrow."

It is true that Amell posted a picture on Twitter looking exhausted after working on his legs Thursday, even before he knew he would be gunning after the 13-time WWE champion Cena.

Amell might have reason to be defensive after portraying Oliver Queen, who fights crime as a vigilante in “Green Arrow” for eight seasons until the series finale in 2020. 

But nothing overly personal here.

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Cena’s Peacemaker has made multiple NSFW digs at DC’s most beloved superheroes throughout the first season from creator James Gunn. 

But Gunn was focused on other things Thursday, tweeting that the “Peacemaker” season finale “had the biggest single day performance for a Max Original series ever and finale viewing was up 44% over premiere.”

He also thanked all the fans who “kept showing up more and more every week this season.”  

The day before the premiere Cena and Gunn both shared that the “Peacemaker” cast is coming back for a second season on HBO Max. 

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