Stephanie Van Nguyen, the Missing Mother of Her 2 Children in 2002, Was Determined to Have Bone Found in Ohio River

A family now has answers nearly 20 years later about the fate of their loved ones.

An SUV pulled from the Ohio River in October belonged to Stephanie Van Nguyen, who went missing in 2002, but authorities couldn’t say whether she or her two children were in the car when it went into the river at the time the vehicle was recovered. 

The Dearborn County Coroner in Indiana says testing on a fibula bone recovered from the vehicle confirmed it was from the 26-year-old mother’s body. 

Authorities believe that Stephanie, a mother of two, left behind a note explaining that she intended to drive her vehicle into Ohio River with her children, Kristina (4 years) and John (3 years).

After finding the note, investigators searched the river but couldn’t find any evidence that she had gone through with her plan. 

Indiana State Police claim that sonar scan technology was used to locate the 1997 Nissan Pathfinder in a river last year. 

According to the coroner, no remains of the children were discovered in the search. They will be considered active missing persons until they are found or their family files are completed to declare them legally dead. 

Authorities state that they will again search the river once the weather is better. 

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