Star Wars Theory: Darksaber Belongs to Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Theory: Darksaber Belongs to Luke Skywalker

It has a long, fabled, and confusing history. House Vizsla recovered it after House Vizsla had created the Darksaber. Maul steals it from Pre Vizsla during the Clone Wars, and things start to get messy. Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by James Arnold Taylor (now James Arnold Taylor), defeated Vizsla before calling in his Mandalorian Warriors for back up. Doesn’t this mean the weapon is Kenobi’s? It would be a completely new family lineage, which is very different than the ones we are familiar with.

Luke Skywalker, despite his assertions about Kenobi and the hypothetical future reigns that may have followed it, is not completely correct. Vader’s victory over Sidious, and his subsequent death may have put the Darksaber into Luke Skywalker’s hand because he is Vader’s biological son. However, the truth of the matter is not so clear-cut. Vader dies when he lifts Sidious up and throws him down the Death Star II chasm. His Force Lightning severely damages his suit. Do you think that this means that the battle is a tie? What would this mean for Darksaber if it were true?

The Darksaber looks cool and is associated with the Mandalorians, some of “Star Wars’ coolest-looking characters. The history of the Darksaber and the rules that surround it, however, are confusing to say the least.

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