Star Storm Reid of ‘Euphoria” Says That Darker Season 2 Is Stuck with Her

  • Storm Reid plays Zendaya’s sister Gia. “Euphoria,”Insider interviewed about season two. 
  • “I will say that season two has stuck with me,”Reid spoke of her desire to reprise her role as Gia Bennet.
  • “There’s something about this season that I still haven’t been able to shake off,”She continued.

“Euphoria”Storm Reid, star of The Walking Dead, spoke out about how the new darker season of HBO’s critically-acclaimed series has stayed with and influenced her long after filming ended in late 2021. 

“I haven’t really been affected for a long period of time when it comes to doing emotional things,”Insider spoke to Reid, 18-year-old, who plays the role of Gia Bennett.

“I’ve been a part of projects that are very dark and very deep,”Reid said. “And once work is done, I don’t really think about it until I come to work again.”

Reid made her theatrical movie debut in Steve McQueen’s 2013 film. “12 Years a Slave.” Since then, the rising actress has guest-starred on several shows and starred in projects that deal with heavy subject matter, like the drama “Don’t Let Go”And the horror film titled “The Invisible Man.”Reid played IdrisElba’s onscreen daughter in James Gunn’s summer 2021. “The Suicide Squad.”

Storm Reid as Gia Bennett on season one, episode seven of "Euphoria."

Storm Reid plays Gia Bennett in season 1, episode seven “Euphoria.”


“Euphoria”Sam Levinson created, wrote, and directed the series, which centered on Zendaya’s addiction struggles. This teen series was praised for its gritty portrayal and aesthetics of teens dealing with drugs, alcohol, trauma, or relationships. 

The first season had many intense scenes and emotions as Rue succumbed often to her addiction. Some scenes featured verbal and physical fights between Rue (Nika King) and her mom Leslie Bennett (Nika Kings), while Gia watched helplessly as her older sister fell into a downward spiral. 

Season two “Euphoria”It premiered on HBO on Sunday night.

TrailersSeason two teases more hardships for Rue after her relapse at season one. Rue can be seen yelling at her mom about how she would prefer to be different. Gia, who is in a car with mom, shouts as Rue struggles to cross traffic on a street.

Zendaya herself posted a note on Social mediaWarning fans that the new season has begun “deeply emotional and deals with subject matter that can be triggering and difficult to watch.”

Zendaya as Rue Bennett on season two, episode one of "Euphoria."

Zendaya plays Rue Bennett in episode one of season two. “Euphoria.”

Eddy Chen/HBO

Reid credits her mom for creating the a “beautiful environment”In which “work is work and home is home. You let go of work when work is done.”

In the case of season two, however, “Euphoria,”It was harder than the actress expected to separate from the material.

“I will say that season two has stuck with me, where I would leave set and I was like, ‘Oh wow,'”Reid said. “I’d have to get myself together, and that’s a very new experience for me because I’m able to usually shake it off. But there’s something about this season that I still haven’t been able to shake off.”

“Euphoria”It airs at 9 PM on Sunday nights. ET on HBO

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