‘Squid Game’ Doll Real and Can Be Found in Korean Village

  • The laser-eyed doll that leads contestants through a bloody version of the children’s game “red light, green light” in the first episode of “Squid Game” exists IRL. 
  • You can find her guarding the entrance of a horse carriage museum a few hours away from Seoul.
  • “Squid Game” will be the most watched original series on Netflix. 

“Squid Game” is the number one trending show on

this week and – according to the streaming service – is one of the most successful original series the streaming service has produced.

It’s no surprise, given the overgrown doll that dominated the first episode. And guess what?

And she’s real.

The doll — the centerpiece of a bloody game of “red light, green light” in the show — resides in Jincheon County, a rural area around three hours north of Seoul. 

She guards the entrance of a horse carriage museum called Macha Land, according to Koreaboo.

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The show’s producers borrowed the doll for filming, but have since returned her, though apparently, she’s now missing a hand, which TBH, just ratchets up the overall sense of unease.  

Doll from Squid Game standing at entrance of horse carriage museum

The doll was returned to Macha Land, but without her hand.


A version of the doll also mysteriously popped up at a shopping mall in the Philippines to discourage jaywalking.

As Insider’s Palmer Haasch reported, “Squid Game” has already spawned hundreds of thousands of fan videos on TikTok, many playing off the singsongy sound of the doll leading the deadly “red light, green light” game. 

Is it only a matter of time before she personally haunts your nightmares with her “mugunghwa kochi pieotsumnida” tune? 

Insider reached out to Macha Land in order for more information.

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