Spoilers For Big Brother Season 23: Who Will Take Home The Winning Prize?

We’ve finally made it to the end of another season of the hit reality competition series, Big Brother, and we finally know who made it to the very end.

It’s been a tumultuous season this time around for the contestants — there was even a near-physical fight that broke out (a rarity on set). But who has finally been crowned the winner of Season 23 of Big Brother?

Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Derek F made it to the last three.

Xavier Prather and Azah Awasum were the last three contestants in this season’s final round. Each of them felt they played their best game. Both Azah, Derek, and Azah believed their social skills would be what carried them to the finish. They both confessed to prioritizing friendships, alliances, and winning competitions over winning (which is probably why they were in the final three).

Derek F in 'Big Brother 23'

Xavier, however, played a more strategic game than the other two. He kept it a secret from the other contestants, even though he knew that he was a lawyer. This information would be a problem for him and he admits to having even tried to throw some of the competitions to not make himself too popular.

These three were up against one another for the HOH competition’s first portion. Xavier won the water competition, where contestants had to balance in boats and avoid obstacles. This was his fourth consecutive win!He was able to secure a spot in the final two fighting for his last HOH of season.


Who was the winner of Season 23 of ‘Big Brother’?

The finale will see Azah battle it out against Derek to see who will face Xavier. Azah’s been studying up on her Big Brother trivia from this season and (let’s be honest) she kicks Derek’s butt in their competition, in which they have to stand on top of a giant slot machine and roll to the correct houseguest’s photo to answer the trivia question.

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With Azah and Xavier set to battle it out for the final HOH, Derek chooses now to essentially tell Azah that she’s only there because he let her be there. Smart move, Derek. Although she had originally planned to take Derek to the final two, she is now reconsidering.


For the final HOH competition, Xavier and Azah must-watch videos from previous houseguests and essentially play “Two Truths and a Lie,” though instead it’s called “Houseguest Headliners” for some reason. Xavier wins and Azah sadly joins the jury.

They cast their votes after answering questions from the jury. Xavier wins all of them! By a vote of nine to zero, Xavier has crowned the first Black winner of Big Brother and takes home $750,000.

As runner-up, Derek gets $75,000. Meanwhile, the person who won America’s Favorite Houseguest, Tiffany Mitchell, goes home with $50,000.

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