Splash’s Daryl Hannah defends Halle Bailey’s Little Mermaid Casting

Splash's Daryl Hannah defends Halle Bailey’s Little Mermaid Casting

Halle Bailey landed the role of a lifetime being cast to play Disney’s favorite red-haired mermaid Ariel in The Little Mermaid remake. Unfortunately, many online haters are downvoted First trailer for the live action movieThis made it the #NotMyAriel most disliked Disney trailer. From one little mermaid, to another Splash’s Daryl Hannah has defended Halle Bailey’s casting in being the next Ariel against the backlash.

Daryl Hannah graced the big screen in 1984’s Splash, which stars Tom Hanks as man who falls in love with a woman without knowing she’s the mermaid that saved his life from drowning as a boy. Hannah, a woman who used to wear a giant tale, took to TwitterOnline racists are being defended by Halle Bailey, a Black actress

The Kill BillThe actress isn’t the only one who will defend the film Grown-ish star. Jodie Benson, Ariel’s original voice, she defended the 22 year-old actressBy emphasizing how important it is to see the “spirit”rather than the performer “the package.”If The Little MermaidBenson, who was 16 years old when she played the role of Ariel in 1989’s live-action rather than animated film, could have been criticized for her late 20s. Benson proved that the age of a person’s talent has no bearing on their ability to perform a particular role. Trevor Noah, a talk show host, also addressed the racism backlashIt’s obvious that both Ariels have large tails and long red hair. The only thing that should be considered is skin color.

This up-and-coming Ariel is not being brought down by the internet trolls. Bailey handled all the negativity around playing Ariel.You can have faith that her portrayal of you will be accurate “beautiful,” with the knowledge that it’s bigger than herself. She’s touching the hearts of a number of Black girls watched the teaser trailer with their first time. Many are pleased to see that there is a Disney Mermaid who has the same skin tone as them and they can make connections based on the videos shared. Bailey being “grateful”For “re-inventing” Ariel surpasses any negative criticisms she’s been receiving for filling these big shoes…or tail. 

Even though Halle Bailey has had her fair share of negative comments, the positive side outweighs it all. TikTok users have been uploading videos of themselves listening to this young actress sing. “Part of Your World.” Emotional fans were overtaken with happiness knowing this sweet voice came out of a Black actress willing to represent her community and show mainstream audiences that there is room for Black actors in roles you haven’t seen them in before.

Everyone should follow Daryl Hannah’s example of spreading positivity online instead of trying tarnish a young Black actress like Halle Bailey, who looks wonderful in the role of Ariel. All of us have the opportunity to watch this singer-actress swim across the bigscreen in the movie. upcoming Disney remakeOf The Little MermaidComing to cinemas May 26, 2023.

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