Spielberg Criticized for Implying that ‘Squid Game’ Actors are ‘Unknown’

  • Steven Spielberg is being criticized by social media users for suggesting that actors in the film are not real. “Squid Game”Are “unknown people.”
  • Spielberg’s comment drew thousands of responses on Twitter, many of whom referred to Spielberg as “the director.” “ignorant.”
  • Stars of Korean TV series include Lee Jung-jae, the lead man.

Steven Spielberg, a Hollywood filmmaker, is under fire online for suggesting that Korean actors were involved in the hit TV series. “Squid Game”Are “unknown people.”

The director was credited for speaking at the PGA Awards panel Saturday.




It’s a way to give lesser-known actors the opportunity of leading productions.

“A long time ago, it was domestic stars that brought the audience into movies,”Spielberg stated, per entertainment news site Deadline. “Today, it’s interesting, unknown people can star entire miniseries, can be in movies.”

Fans of the show have been furious at his comments, pointing out that several others had made similar remarks. “Squid Game”In Asia, actors are well-known.

Lee Jung-jae, who plays the lead role in the show, is a South Korean household name and has starred on many successful TV series and movies, including the critically-acclaimed thriller. “The Housemaid.”

Another “Squid Game” actor, Park Hae-soo, has starred in popular Korean television dramas such as “Prison Playbook.”He will play Berlin’s lead role in the film. Korean remake of Spanish series hit “Money Heist.”

More than 3000 users share tweets on Twitter IndieWire tweetMany criticize Spielberg’s comments on Wednesday about the American director. “ignorant.”

After its September launch, “Squid Game”Netflix quickly became Netflix’s. Most-watched TV Show. The US Awards Season has been won by the show. Making history at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last monthBy becoming the first non English-language series to receive statuettes

Insider asked Spielberg’s talent agent for comment, but they didn’t immediately respond.

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