Spanish bar warns customers about holiday warning – every time a waiter comes to the table, he will charge them – and charge a shock fee for cuttinglery

Spain’s BAR has been in trouble after charging customers to waiters for every visit to their table. They also charged them for the use of cutlery.

The Imperial Bar in Zamora (Spain) added the surcharges without Galey Hermoso’s knowledge to Galey Hermoso’s bill.

The customer was stunned when he discovered he had been charged extra


When the customer discovered that he had been charged an extra amount, he was shocked.Credit: Twitter
The man was charged extra for table service at the Imperial Bar in Zamora


For table service at Zamora’s Imperial Bar, the man was charged an additional amountCredit: Bar Imperial

Mr Hermoso told how after finishing his meal, he was not only charged an additional 20 cents (17p) every time the waiter went to his table – but also an extra Euro (£0.85) for the use of cutlery.

Last year, the bizarre incident occurred when the restaurant claimed that the additional charge was for each drink served and not every time the waiter visited the table.

His receipt was quickly shared on Twitter by the confused customer. It became viral because others were sharing similar experiences.

He stated that “Something unusual happened to us a couple of days ago in Benavente.

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“Every time a waiter came to the terrace to bring something: beer or tapa, he charged us 20c.

“The last straw was the euro that he charged us to put some cutlery to cut a toast that we had ordered.”

Many Twitter users agreed with him, but others felt that the additional 20 cents wasn’t excessive.

The bar replied that it was common for venues to charge an additional fee for service, adding that the 20cs charge was for every beverage served. Spanish News Today reported.

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