Spain’s Soul Pictures Boards Soccer Drama from Uruguay’s Diego Fernandez

Diego was boarded by Liliana Bravo from Soul Pictures, a Spanish sales representative. “Parker” Fernández’s upcoming soccer drama, “The Signing” (“El Fichaje”).

His latest narrative feature, “The Broken Glass Theory,” represented Uruguay at the Oscars’ international feature category and has been a local smash hit, bowing in Uruguay just a month after the theaters reopened post-lockdown. “It played for 14 weeks, more than what we expected, and I heard that some people went to see it more than once,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez’s debut documentary is his first foray into non-fiction filmmaking. “Asi Pasamos” which vies for the top prize at Uruguay’s inaugural arts film festival, ARCA (Jan. 9-14). This is where he tells the story of Javier Gil, the graphic artist and painter and older brother to his wife. “He gave me about 20 years of mainly home video footage and said: ’Do what you will with these,’”He remembered.

“Asi Pasamos” is up against 18 other art-themed films competing at ARCA, which includes such gems as Andreas Koefoed’s “The Lost Leonardo,” visual artist JR’s “Paper and Glue” “Ruben Brandt, Collector,” an animated feature by Hungary-based Slovenian artist Milorad Krstic, which closes the festival.

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Asi Pasamos
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“Asi Pasamos”The portrait shows a bohemian artist and his chaotic, exuberant lifestyle, which includes four partners, multiple children, and many pets. “The challenge was not only to give the film a structure but to remain respectful of his private life,” Fernandez mused.

Based on an actual incident “The Signing,” written by Fernández, takes place in the course of nearly a week as the future career of a talented but naïve 18-year-old Uruguayan soccer player is haggled over. After being the best in the first two games, he was offered a multimillion-dollar deal by a Chinese soccer club. Although he is certain that the deal will lift his family out from poverty, he now realizes that his only option is to surrender his fate. “I want to shed light on the behind-the-scenes intrigue that decides the careers of these star players,” said Fernandez, adding: “It’s a reflection on how they are used, even exploited.”

The plans are to film in Spain and Uruguay late this year, or early next. Prior to that, the project will participate in the Co-Production Encounter of the Jose Ignacio Film Festival in Uruguay, which is organized in collaboration with France’s CNAC in a bid to drum up interest from potential French and Belgian coproducers.

Fernandez also has his TV series project. “The Eagle Heist” (“El Robo del Aguila”) on the fast track after it won the top prize of €15,000 ($17,053) at Ventana Sur’s TV pitching session, SoloSeries, from Spanish producer ESpotlight, which partners with Legendary Global.

Description: “Ocean’s Eleven” meets “Parasite,” “The Eagle Heist”Fernandez and his coscribe on this article. “The Broken Glass Theory,” Rodolfo Santullo. The comedic heist thriller turns on the brazen theft of WWII battleship Admiral Graf Spee’s $30 million eagle and swastika crest from a naval warehouse. Police have been left stumped by a lack of leads and witnesses in this case.

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