Sound of Freedom tells Tim Ballard’s incredible story.

Sound of Freedom tells a true story of Tim Ballard. But how much of this movie is truth and what was fictionalized to create dramatic effect?

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Sound of Freedom* — In a film landscape filled with summer blockbusters, Sound of Freedom is making some unexpected waves following its arrival on July 4. Its plot delves into the harrowing underworld of child trafficking as it charts the true story of one man’s mission to rescue victims from a fate worse than death.

Sound of Freedom was inspired by the true story of Tim Ballard

Sound of Freedom, starring Jim Caviezel tells the true story of Tim Ballard. Tim has dedicated his entire life to fighting the evil of child slavery.

Ballard is portrayed as an ex-CIA Agent who was employed by the US Department of Homeland Security. Ballard’s first undercover rescue operation in Cartagena in Colombia was in 2006. He infiltrated a trafficking network in Cartagena. Ballard’s first undercover rescue mission in 2006 saw him enter a trafficking ring and arrest their traffickers. This led to the successful rescue of many children.

Tim Ballard left his position after becoming frustrated by the bureaucratic redtape and restrictions on his abilities to save victims in his role as a government official. Tim Ballard then founded Operation Underground Railroad.A non-profit, funded through private donations and partnership, aims to rescue and support trafficking victims.

O.U.R. Since its founding in 2013, O.U.R.

How Sound of Freedom’s story differs from the truth

Sound of Freedom takes creative liberties to make its story more interesting, but this is not uncommon for biographical films.

This largely comes in the form of condensing the timeline of Tim Ballard’s life so that his story translates into a more engaging film.

In a deep dive into the movie’s story, Angel Studios, who are distributing the film, Explained Certain elements have been changed to dramatic effect.

This includes a tense raid on an island conducted by O.U.R., which in reality was part of a much larger coordinated effort with Homeland Security called ‘Operation Triple Take.’

In the film, the mission results in the rescue of around 50 children, while the real number of victims rescued was 123 – 55 of whom were minors. The change in Sound of Freedom’s plot comes as it looks to focus on child trafficking specifically.

Sound of Freedom also embellishes different ways of child trafficking, and perpetuates the myth that all children who are trafficked are snatched from the street. In reality, trafficking is often the result of exploitation and manipulation as the children may be lured with the promise of cash or food.

Undoubtedly the biggest change in Sound of Freedom, however, is the fact that Tim Ballard’s film counterpart is shown killing a man to rescue a child towards the end of the film.

Despite what the movie shows, the scene is entirely fictional as the real Tim Ballard has never taken another person’s life.

Sound of Freedom: Where to Watch?

Sound of Freedom can only be viewed in US theatres until July 4, 2023.

No digital or physical release dates have been confirmed yet.

It’s a similar situation for international audiences too as release details in countries around the world are yet to be confirmed.

The film was originally completed in 2018 and was set to be released by 20th Century Fox but the project was shelved following Disney’s takeover of the studio.

The Chosen was released five years ago by Angel Studios. The production company that produced the film acquired distribution rights.

The film, which has a budget of only $14.5m, is expected to do well. Its pre-sales have already exceeded $10m, and estimates suggest that it may earn up to $20m. Twenty Million dollars The opening weekend is a big one.

Sound of Freedom now available in US theatres Released on 4 July 2023

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