Soulja Boy Has Completely Quit Rapping

Soulja Boy Has Completely Quit Rapping

Meryl Steep, it’s time to get over Meryl! Soulja Boy, aka DeAndre Kortez Way, made the announcement during an Instagram Livesession in January. He’s now turning his attention towards the acting industry, which means no music. At least, for the moment.

“I’m an actor now,”He boldly stated this to his fans as he took selfies during the livestream. It seems that he has something bigger in the works, which is likely to be linked to a well-known celebrity. Soulja Boy has confirmed that his new TV show will be released on January 21st and will air on Revolt TV. He also gave a brief interview. “shout out to P. Diddy” who may be involved in some way. The former rapper said that he is involved in some way. “going into the year with all positive energy” as he vowed to let go of his past rap feuds.

Soulja Boy’s decision to abandon music is a surprise, but his decision not to act more might not be as shocking. The former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”Star already has some acting experience. He’s been in movies before and even played a small part in 2013. “Officer Down,”It also featured Dominic Purcel, Stephen Dorff and David Boreanaz. IMDb).

Goodbye BET Awards, and welcome Oscars! We’ll just have to wait to see what happens with that one!

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