Some people are just now realising that they shouldn’t fix their wet phones in rice

People are just now realising the fact that placing a wet smartphone in rice will not remove water.

This hack has been touted as the most effective way to protect your device against permanent damage.

A new iPhone app could help to expel harmful water droplets from your device


The new iPhone app can help you to eliminate harmful water from your deviceCredit: Getty

Unfortunately the efficiency of grain is a myth.

The rice is not able to absorb water effectively enough from the air in order to restore your device.

iPhone App ‘Water Eject Speaker Cleaner’ has a “water-ejecting trick” that is activated when you touch liquid with your device.

It uses sounds to help remove the droplets.

The app can also be used to expel dust from speakers.

The description of the software on the App Store reads: “Using the unique method with Haptics & Sound Ejection app will play the best combinations of sounds and haptics patterns to eject the water and dust from your speaker.

App has an automatic wizard, or you can choose manual mode and make some adjustments.

While you can download the add-on free of charge, you will be charged £3.99 when you click on the app.

It is unlikely that the software will save your device if you have submerged it in water for an extended period.

It is not guaranteed that your iPhone will stay alive if trapped droplets are removed from the speaker.

Shortcuts on iPhones controls the Water Eject functionality.

You can add it to your iPhone shortcuts.

Clicking on the Shortcuts tab allows users to launch an ejector by pressing a single key.

This discovery was so shocking that many people took to the social networks to show their surprise.

The other said, “That’s insane!”

The user then doubled-down: “Now tell me?” You’ve been using it for years!

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