Solar Opposition Fans have settled the debate on their favorite replica


When asked who their favorite replicant is, 209 Redditors agreed on Jesse over Yumyulack, who earned only 142 votes. Yumyulack, a Korvo replicant, is so antisocial that they shrink people who offend them, and place them in a Terrarium called “the Wall”Jesse is friendly in his own home and loves to get along well with other people, just like Terry.

So why were so many show-goers choosing Jesse? It’s quite simple: Mary Mack’s performance is adored by viewers. Redditor u/Skyhun1912 wrote, “Jesse :)“Voice actor is incredible,” u/ZeroQuick praised, “Jesse’s cadences make every line hysterical to me.”

Yumyulack fans don’t seem to dislike Yumyulack, but Jesse is a more bizarre and unpredictable character. Redditor u/friggintodd observed, “To hear the bats*** crazy and dirty things said by such and [sic] innocent[-]sounding voice is highly entertaining to me.”

Yumyulack was still loved by some. Redditor u/Westaufel commented, “Yumyulack is a real bastard. My favourite character.” Meanwhile, u/Code-745Insightfully replied to a comment on Jesse starting a religious movement with “But yumyulak [sic] sparked an entire society.”


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