So When Can The Fan Expect On My Block season 4’s Release time on Netflix?

So When Can The Fan Expect On My Block season 4’s Release time on Netflix?**Warning – Spoilers ahead**

On My Block, the Netflix series about the neighborhood has returned to Netflix to air its fourth season. We explore the release date of the fourth episode, and the time it will be available.

On My Block was created by Lauren Iungerich and Eddie Gonzalez. It follows four teenagers who met in a Los Angeles neighborhood and began to form friendships.

Season 4 release date & time

On My Block season 4, which will air on Netflix on Monday, October 4, 2021, will premiere.

Netflix shows are released at the same time around the world. This will be about 3:00 ET in the US, 8:00 ET in the UK, 12:20 PM in India, 5 PM in Sydney, Australia, and 8:15 AM in the UK.

How many episodes are in the Netflix show’s fourth season?

Season 4 of On My Block will feature ten episodes. All of them will be available on the streaming platform on release day.

Season 4 will conclude the series. Each episode of the show’s first season aired in March 2018 and is expected to last around 30 minutes.

Season 3 recap

Cuchillos is the leader of Santos and kidnaps the four main characters. After hearing their feats in taking down prophets, she asks them for their assistance in locating Lil Ricky.

Monse plans to leave, but Cuchillos threatens Monse to stay and help by taking her father to the chopping board.

Jamal recruits Cesar’s brother, Oscar, to help search for Lil Ricky, and their operation quickens when Jamal realizes he is being watched.

Jasmine is part of the mission to find Lil Ricky and slowly develops a relationship with Monse. Jamal discovers Kendra, the girl he has been watching, and forms a romantic connection with her.So When Can The Fan Expect On My Block season 4’s Release time on Netflix?

Cuchillos, who wants to kill Lil Ricky, is discovered by the gang. The guys devise a plan to silence Lil Ricky first.

The truth is revealed that 19th Street had already killed Cuchillos. Monse, however, says goodbye and decides to flee after the campaign is over.

The story skips two years ahead and shows Monse at her school, Jamal on her football team, Ruby and Jasmine continuing their relationship. Oscar has left Santos with his baby and is now living with his wife. Cesar is the new head of Santos.

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