‘SNL’ takes on ‘The View’ COVID scare in spoof sketch

Saturday Night Live” had its fun with “The Viewyet again during its season premiere – though this time via a fake show called “The Talking.”

Ego Nwodim’s host character welcomed guests to the show, “where we discuss everything that women could have an opinion about at 11:30 in the morning.” Heidi Gardner, Aidy Bryant  and Cecily Strong joined her.

After some initial talking (and arguing) about myriad topics, a man in a white coat played by host Owen Wilson shows up to let Gardner’s character Didi know her COVID test results and wants to confirm some information.

The sketch evidently made fun of “The View” hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, who were told they tested positive for COVID-19 while on air and were removed from the stage. The tests were both false positives.

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of interviewing Vice President Kamala Harris on ABC's "The View."

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But back to the scene at hand: Did they have to do this on air, Gardner inquires?

“It has to be on TV for HIPAA reasons. We either can’t tell anybody or have to tell everybody, no middle ground,” Wilson says. He says she tested positive and escorts her off the stage.

“Obviously we’ve all been vaccinated dozens, dozens, dozens of times,” Nwodim said.

The Pope is set to join the hosts, evidently spoofing Vice President Kamala Harris’ purported appearance on “The View.”

But before he can show up, Bryant’s Mooney also tests positive for COVID. Strong also must leave the stage, but not for testing positive for COVID – for HPV.

Nwodim reveals to the audience the COVID tests were false positives, but not the HPV.

Elsewhere during the “Saturday Night Live” episode, new cast member James Austin Johnson opened the show with his take on an exasperated President Joe Biden (quite the plum gig) addressing the country about his infrastructure legislation and the general state of, uh, everything. 

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