Snapchat ‘The Me and You Show’ Uses Deepfakes to Make You the Star

Live, from your smartphone! It’s you and your friends in a personalized sketch-comedy show, brought to you by Snapchat.

The new 10-episode Snap original series “The Me and You Show” taps into Snapchat’s Cameos — a feature that uses a kind of deepfake technology to insert someone’s face into a scene. Cameos allows you to play the lead role in comedy skits with one of your closest friends. Simply upload a few selfies.

The Oct. 1 premiere of the first episode is planned. Weekly episodes will follow. Written by Zack Bornstein, a former “Saturday Night Live” scribe, the sketch comedy episodes were conceived, written, filmed and post-produced “under strict technical guidelines” to be compatible with the Cameos technology. Snap stated that the goal was to create a show where anyone could play any role.

“This funny, first-of-its kind show is a great example of the kind of innovation that is uniquely possible in mobile storytelling. It also shows the breadth of Snap original series available on our platform,” said Erin Keating, senior development manager of Snap Originals.

To put yourself and a friend into “The Me and You Show,” the selfies have to be taken with the Snapchat app’s camera. If you’ve already set up a Cameos selfie in Snapchat, then the show will use that image; if not, the show will direct you to the Cameos signup page and prompt you to take a selfie at that time.

Snap’s Cameos team had to tackle different challenges, like figuring out how the Cameos-powered characters should best interact with other actors and how to pitch the vocal performances to plausibly represent the voice of anyone who was inserted into the scene. Cameos was developed using tech from AI Factory, which Snap purchased in 2019. This startup develops image recognition, video analysis, processing technology, and other related technologies.

In early 2020, Snapchat debuted a show with a similar concept — “Bitmoji TV,” a parody of TV and movie genres that feature the Bitmoji cartoon avatars of users and their friends.

Snap reports that more than 44 million Snapchat users interact with Cameos weekly, and that more than 16,000,000 share Cameos to their friends.

“The Me and You Show” is produced by Propagate Content’s Big Breakfast and Kids at Play.

Watch the trailer for “The Me and You Show”:

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