Smallville: The Final Episode Explained

Smallville: The Final Episode Explained

After all of the chaos surrounding Lois and Clark’s wedding, many “Smallville’s” actors exit the stage. Chloe first leaves Smallville after realizing that Watchtower has gone down to re-start the systems, and in the event Clark is unable to stop Darkseid, she kicks the Not-quite Justice League back into action. Chloe leaves the show in good hands after a touching goodbye with Clark. Though he doesn’t leave Kansas immediately, Oliver — who married Chloe earlier in the season — does the same. Now free from Darkseid’s control, Green Arrow tracks down Darkseid’s acolytes and dispatches them with ease. Oliver, after his win, takes to the street to see Superman’s arrival and watches in amazement as Clark is able to save the day. We’ll talk about that in a moment.

Tess is also continuing the fight. She does it in her way. Although she doesn’t say goodbye to Clark, Tess dies for him. Tess, facing her half brother, newly resurrected Lex Luthor uses an experiment neurotoxin in order to erase Lex’s memories. Tess doesn’t only wipe Clark’s secrets: she also rids Lex Luthor of All of us are able to do this. That’s what made him the man he is. Lex, of course, kills Tess, but when she is killed, Lex turns into a blank sheet, and witnesses Superman with the rest.

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