Sisu: A violent, action-packed story that’s cinematic Gold


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IT’S refreshing to see a film that knows exactly what it is.

The story of the man who goes on an adrenaline-fueled rampage to kill Nazis is not hidden behind any cover.

It's refreshing to see a film that knows exactly what it is


I find it refreshing when a movie knows what exactly it is.Credit: Freezing Point/Antti Rastivo
Sisu is an adrenaline-packed tale of a man going on a Nazi-killing rampage


Sisu tells the story of an adrenaline-filled man who goes on a Nazi killing rampageCredit: Freezing Point/Antti Rastivo

It’s brazen, ballsy and, quite simply, brilliant.

Sisu was written by JalmariHelander and directed JormaTommila. It is set during the war in Finland where Aatami the gold miner, (Jorma Tommila), works tirelessly to find the precious metal in the vast land.

With only a dog and horse as companions, it’s clear Aatami prefers the company of, well, no one.

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Expert assassin

His dedication to the solitary life of mining will pay off soon. Gold lashings.

While he weeps in silent celebration, it’s clear to see Aatami is worried.

It is 563-miles away.

It would be difficult enough to ride on horses. The Nazis will steal your prize and kill you.

These are the same Nazis that massacred Aatami’s family.

But a man who harbors a grudge is dangerous. Aatami is a legendary assassin who was a fighter and expert in his previous life.

It is even discussed — by a group of women the Nazis are keeping prisoner — that he might be immortal.

His skills are soon put to use as he finds himself the victim of Nazi tanks full of proud Nazis.

He manages, on horseback and by himself, to defeat the heavily armed mob.

It’s a wonder to behold. The cartoonish way the violence is performed helps with the relentless attacks — think Kill Bill goes to war.

The beginning of the film explains the word “sisu” does not have a specific meaning in Finnish, but it roughly translates as a white-knuckled form of courage in desperate moments.

Aatami has no shortage of this.

Even though he was outnumbered by many, he would not give in.

His targets include generic bad guys, such as the troop leader Bruno Helldorf played by Aksel Henne and Wolf his evil rapist.

Aatami Vs Nazis has a ton of action packed in an hour-and-a-half.

The film, which is unapologetically sharp and crisp, has a lot of potential.


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(15) 93mins


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Hypnotic manages to be clever without boggling viewers


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The mystery is further heightened when it turns out that the box sought by the thieves contained a picture of the father’s daughter who was previously abducted.

His investigation takes him to the tarot card shop of “two-bit con artist” Diana Cruz (Alice Braga), where he finds out about a US defence programme called Hypnotic.

The story has many more twists and turns that make it clear not all is what it appears to be.

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This remake is a modern take on Ariel, with the actress and singer giving it a new lease of life.

It should be applauded for featuring merpeople from all backgrounds, for not airbrushing out Halle’s acne scars and for carefully referencing ocean pollution.

Cast members deliver outstanding performances. Melissa McCarthy, as Ursula is particularly impressive, as well as Javier Bardem, as the ever-great King Triton.

Director Rob Marshall’s team also create a stunning aquatic world of beautiful corals and ­tropical fish.

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