Since I have been traveling for over 23 years, here’s the smart hotel product I use every day. It’s also free!

A WOMAN has shared her genius hotel room hack which gives her four feet more shelf space – it is completely free.

Samantha Brown shared the following video via her Instagram. She was staying in a hotel and received her ironing board as a freebie.

A woman has revealed her clever hotel room that gives her an extra four foot of shelf space


This clever woman shared her smart hotel room which gave her an additional four-foot shelf./@samanthabrowntravels

The video shows her sharing the various ways guests can make use of the videos. ironing board Apart from the obvious.

She explained that she knew of an important amenity within a hotel room, which is frequently overlooked and completely underappreciated but can dramatically improve the efficiency of your hotel.

“It’s the ironing board! Get it out of the closet.”

After putting her ironing board on the bed’s foot, she extended it fully and leaned over the entire length.

Her continued statement: “The ironing boards are four and a quarter feet larger than the precious counter space.

It’s great when your whole family is sharing a room and you run out of space.

“Or maybe it’s just you, and you travel with a lot of stuff, the ironing board doesn’t judge.”

The ironing board was then brought to a more child-friendly height. She explained that the ironing boards can be used for coloring books or crayons and could also be used as an activity surface.

Later she explained that waxy inks and colourful paint can cause damage to the ironing board.

She said, “And maybe, just maybe, they’ll give you 10 minutes so mum can enjoy a glass of wine.”

But, she loves to use the ironing boards as a desk.

The ironing board is placed in front of the window to allow natural light into the room.

The ironing board could also be used to stand up if necessary.

It has been liked by more than 22,000 people, and many others agree with it.

It was, according to many. “brilliant” The couple vowed that they would use this clever trick the next time they traveled.

A person also added their advice “When travelling with a group of students and parents we’d use ironing boards for breakfast buffets, loading them up with muffin, cereal bars, fruit etc… We thought we were so clever.”

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But others were not impressed. One person said: “I’ve had a lot of white blouses and other nice things ruined by ironing other people’s spills into my garments. I’m not a fan of this idea at all.”

Ironing boards could also be used as a dining table according to another video, or extra counter space in the bathroom.

She also explains that the ironing board can function as a standing desk, if you need to stretch your legs


The ironing board could also be used to stand on if the need arises for you to move your legs.

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