Simu Liu Shang Chi Star has fun at Naysayers!

Simu Liu’s wit and sense of humor are unrivaled, and he proved it with his hilarious response to those who believed Marvel’s “Shang-Chi” would be a disaster.

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” has performed much better than people expected. The Labor Day box office record was broken by collecting over $400,000 $90 million Within four days

If that wasn’t enough, it became the 28th biggest Monday box office gross of all time, surpassing even Marvel’s cult-favorite “The Avengers.”

It is essential to point out that the film has achieved all that in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic when many people are understandably avoiding theaters.

The success of the Asian-led superhero film was not something that anyone expected. Some even believed it. Would it fail?, and the main star Simu Liu was well aware of their predictions.

Simu Liu Shang Chi Star has fun at Naysayers!

On September 6, Liu poked fun at those naysayers by sharing a stock photo of himself in what appeared to be an office grinning and pointing at a laptop’s screen.

He was surrounded by two other models who were laughing at the computer. This made Liu’s caption even funnier. He Writes This is: “Me laughing at the people who thought we’d flop.”

[Meng’er Zhang] While filming their first fight scene they accidentally punched Liu in her face

As expected, Liu’s tweet went viral. Many of his followers even found the tweet. More stock photos of him – including one where he was seemingly commanding a meeting in a boardroom – and created memes and jokes out of it.

Following Liu’s hilarious tweet, it became evident that he worked as a stock art model to pay the bills before making it big in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, he once admitted he would also dress up as Spider-Man and perform at children’s birthday parties for extra cash, so it’s fair to say that he has always been a superhero.

Coming back to “Shang-Chi,” Star Meng’er Zhang Interview: Liu confessed that she had punched her in the face accidentally while filming their first fight scene.

Liu encouraged the actress to work in movies for the first time, as she had never worked in one before. “go for it.” Zhang joked that although she didn’t mean to hit him, it “felt good.”

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