Simple Ways to Find a Partner When You Are Shy

Shyness is a combination of upbringing and genetics. In its most severe form, it’s known as social anxiety or social phobia. Shy individuals tend to analyze and think more, hindering their progress or preventing them from reaching their goals, such as finding love. Also, being shy is not only limited to the real world but even to the virtual world.

Shyness can be quite problematic, especially if you’re trying to meet new people and finding a partner— both online and offline.

Why Shyness Causes Romantic Problems?

The biggest issue of being shy is loneliness. You might start to feel isolated from others. You can’t make friends, dare to chat and call someone on dating sites, or cannot ask your crush on a date. You’ll find it harder to connect with other people.

It can be really hard to meet new people and socialize when you’re too shy. But it should not be a reason that prevents you from meeting a match.

Here are some ways you can overcome shyness and find the love of your life.

  • Use Dating Services And Online Communication

Online dating apps and sites can be a shy person’s dating lifeline because it is easier to find someone with similar fears, hobbies. There are numerous websites with search filters based on location and advanced profiles for shy and unconfident people. Anyone can join a dating chat site to get rid of worries associated with telling about their hobbies in person. You don’t have to force yourself into physically meeting new people and socialize with online dating sites. This helps in easing the fear or anxiety when talking face to face.

Also, with online dating services, you can express who you are in the form of video messages, pictures, and profiles. This means that you can take your time thinking through what to say about yourself and sharing it with other people without too much pressure.

In addition, online dating also gives you more opportunities to meet numerous people while also practicing chatting with them. This helps you become more confident in your social skills.

  • Do Not Spend All The Time At Home

One way to find a partner and overcome your shyness is to go out, not only chatting at dating sites. Don’t spend all your time at home near your monitor.

You can try volunteering your time for a good organization. Try to pick an organization with other people of your age and that has activities you enjoy. Or you can even meet someone local there with whom you just had a chat at the same online dating site.

You can also consider joining a recreation group. This is a fun way to interact and meet new people within a group setting. Consider looking into various organizations and clubs that interest you. After all, when you’re in an environment you enjoy, you’ll feel more confident.

In addition, you might want to consider attending events— whether it is a school event or club event. Or call someone you’ve met on a dating site to attend it with you.

Try Some Exposure Therapy Methods

People with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) or just extremely shy commonly fear or hate a range of social situations, including attending a large formal party or simply talking to a cashier.

This is a kind of behavioral therapy that’s designed to help manage your problematic fears. The goal is to create a safe environment to reduce your shyness or anxiety, reduce avoidance of such situations, and improve your quality of life. And that is where online chats and dating sites become handy.

An example of an exposure strategy is to chat with your crush online or talk to new people on dating apps repeatedly. This helps train yourself and encourages you to do something you fear and reduce anxiousness.

With exposure therapy, you can slowly involve the situations you fear, overcome your shyness of meeting and talking to new people, and become more outgoing. As a result, it would be easier for you to find or attract the right person.

  • Start Thinking Positive

People who are shy often focus on the negative aspects of a social situation. You might be nervous that you’ll say something funny or embarrassing when chatting with your crush on a dating site, or that person you talk to online could never be interested in you.

To overcome your shyness and meet someone, you need to put effort into changing your mindset. You need to focus on the positive possibilities and what could go right instead of being scared.


And there you have it! Being shy does not mean that you will never find the right partner for you. By simply following the above tips, you can help overcome your shyness, raise your confidence, and finally find a date.

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