Simon Cowell Provides a Health Update after Being Rejected To The Hospital After Second E-Bike Incident

Simon Cowell Provides a Health Update after Being Rejected To The Hospital After Second E-Bike Incident

In the 18-months following His back is brokenWhile exercising at home on an electric bike America’s Got TalentSimon Cowell, the TV legend, has once again been in the news after a serious on-road accident. After a bloody ebike crash that left Cowell with a broken arm, and other injuries, it was revealed that Cowell was now without a helmet. However, the Emmy-nominated performer is now feeling better.

Simon Cowell offered to speak up about his accident and his left arm, now sporting a bright yellow cast. Daily MailWhile he gave some positive updates on his injuries, he also admitted that a lack of safety equipment was to blame. He said:

I’m OK. Thank you, I feel much better. It was just around the corner. . . . I’m a bit of the nutter. I will wear a helmet next year.

Simon Cowell was injured in an accident near his London home on January 27th. According to reports, he was riding his ebike at around 20 mph and then the wheels struck a wet spot on the ground. This sent him flying off the handlebars before crashing onto the road. Residents nearby ran up to offer assistance and stopped traffic, saying that blood was gushing down the road. AGT judge’s face through visible cuts. It was also suspected at the time that he’d suffered a concussion.

Luckily, the injuries weren’t extremely serious, allowing Cowell to be released from the hospital on the same day he was treated for his broken arm. The producer’s Quick road to recovery was certainly documented when he’d broken his back in 2020, as He was back on jet skiingJust a few months after the injury, they were able to resume their normal activities. It wasn’t known at the time. didn’t stop him from returning to the judges’ table for America’s Got Talent Season 16, so I can’t imagine fans will need to worry about him missing out on any of his upcoming TV work.

Cowell was not You can opt out of onscreen appearancesBoth The X Factor IsraelAnd the impending musical show Follow the LineHe will be a part of the fun when NBC debuts America’s Got Talent: ExtremeIn February. However, I don’t imagine anyone should expect to see him speeding around London’s streets on an e-bike anytime soon.

According to some sources, he has vowed to give up cycling and won’t get on a bike again after this latest accident. However, other sources claim that he is not planning to stop cycling, but has committed to wearing a safety helmet and riding more safely in the future. Let’s hope Cowell takes the right decision going forward.

America’s Got Talent: ExtremeNBC will broadcast the premiere on Monday, February 21st at 8:00 p.m. ET. Check out our website while you wait to see what kind of crazy acts are in the pipeline. 2022 TV premiere scheduleStay tuned for the latest news on everything appearing on the small screen.

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