Simon Callow from ‘The Witcher,’ Boards Film The Pay Day’

“Shakespeare in Love”Simon Callow, star of the indie heist movie, has joined the film’s cast “The Pay Day,” VarietyIt can be.

Callow, who has been in fare as diverse as “The Witcher,” “Four Weddings and a Funeral” “The Phantom of the Opera,”The following will be played “eccentric crime boss”He was seen in caper. His most recent appearance was in “Hawkeye”Disney Plus and Armand III

Sam Bradford’s feature film debut (“The Few”The film, which is available in HD (). It tells the story Kyla Frye plays a down-on–her-luck IT technician.“Edge of Tomorrow”) who is tapped by crime boss Callow to steal millions of dollars’ worth of data in a sophisticated hack. Sam Benjamin (con artist) stops Callow from executing her plan.“The War of the Worlds”).

Callow will be joined by Ellen Thomas and Vincent Jerome, Marcus Onilude. Rae Lim. Farrel Jo. Hegarty. Miles Mitchell. Kara Dee Rai. Jacob Anderton. Frankie Clarence. Dominic Ryan.

Frye and Benjamin wrote the feature and it was produced by Praxima and Graceless Productions.

“I grew up on Simon’s work, from ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, to his dastardly Vincent Cadby in ‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’”Bradford. “So to be directing him is an absolute honour.”

The principal photography was completed in London recently and is currently in post-production. The producers are looking to bring the film to market.

Callow is represented in the UK by Dalzell & Beresford and Paradigm in America; Kyla Friede by Narrow Route and Hassman Tolstonog Entertainment, and Sam Benjamin at Core MGMT & Unbreakable Entertainment.

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