Seven secrets of easy and successful exam preparation

For those who want to be ” in shape” for exams, we have compiled the most useful preparation tips. The recommendations are based on cognitive research, psychologists’ recommendations, and the personal experience of students and teachers.

Study in the morning

Most people are much more productive and efficient in the morning. Of course, don’t force yourself to jump up at 6 am if you are an owl and not comfortable doing so. The aim is to study in the first hours after waking up, and you can get up at a time that suits you personally. If you can’t afford to study for exams in the morning, at least give your body and brain an hour or two of rest before studying.

Eat a healthy diet

Ensure that your diet provides all essential nutrients in the right amounts:

  • protein;
  • fats;
  • carbohydrates;
  • fiber;
  • vitamins.

A deficiency of anything will have a negative effect on the body as a whole and specifically on the functioning of the nervous system.

Also, remember that the brain prefers to receive energy in the form of glucose. So if you have to work mentally, make sure you include complex carbohydrates in your diet, such as cereals, bread, potatoes, fruit, and vegetables. They will be gradually digested and provide a long and steady source of energy.

Simple or fast carbohydrates (mostly sweets), as their name suggests, are consumed by the body very quickly. So they can be eaten in small quantities just before the start of preparations or exams to give your brain an effective but short-term boost.

Prepare with focus

Rarely it is necessary to know all aspects of a subject perfectly well for an examination. There is usually a range of topics that students know in advance. Repeat them – the rest of the syllabus can be skimmed over, just in case there is time.

Also, find out about the format of the exam:

  • tests;
  • written answers to questions;
  • communication with the examiner, either through test questions or essays.

Then prepare for the exam exactly as you will be taking it. For example, if there will be oral answers to a test, tell them to yourself, your housemates, or your cat; if there will be a multiple-choice test, solve as many tests as you can. Then the exam itself will be easier, quicker, and with fewer occasional mistakes. If you are having problems preparing for the exam, it is sometimes helpful to use an essay writing service to protect yourself from unnecessary stress.

Make a timetable for the test

The planning itself will take some time but it will save a lot more time later on. Once you have thought things through, you will only follow the plan. Make a clear and detailed timetable, including the timetable of your classes, a list of all the topics you need to repeat, and the study materials you need to study.

Take breaks

Start your preparation early. A few weeks of study a couple of hours a day will be much more than two or three days of cramming from morning to night just before an exam. Apart from studying, make sure you include a good night’s sleep, a walk in the fresh air, and at least a minimum amount of physical activity in your daily routine. Don’t think that this will take away from your precious preparation time. On the contrary, good rest and exercise will make studying more effective.

Remove distractions

Minimize the use of social media, turn off the TV chattering in the background, pause your favorite rock album in the player, and remind people at home that you are busy studying for the exam. It’s best to study in silence or with a calm soundtrack when no one is jerking you around.

Calm down and have a positive attitude

An exam is simply a test of your knowledge. Consistent and thorough preparation will ensure that you pass it at least reasonably well. Also, remember that the teachers or other people present at the test are not there to fail you. They are either impartial observers or are even on your side and ready to help you a little, give advice, and time to gather your thoughts.

In short, prepare diligently, get enough rest and everything will be fine.

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