Serena Williams Goes Full On Sporty With Her New Look

Serena Williams always sets the bar high. The tennis wiz showcased her flexibility with an unbeatable model pose balancing in heels and rocking cocoa tone top and leggings a week after her health updates.

Serena Williams, the woman who has won more grand slam titles for tennis than any male player, is an inspiration and role model. Her fashion is her inspiration flaunts her toned body and bold fashion statements/trends are a testament to her determination to free women from insecurity or shame about their appearances.

Serena Williams in the Women's Final of the Compaq Grand Slam Cup tennis tournament at the Olympiahalle in Munich, September, 1991 | Photo: Getty Images

This star demonstrated her flexibility recently by balancing with one leg over her body and the other tightly to the ground. This was her daring pose. She wore a long-sleeved fitted top, a cocoa tone crop top, and a pair of “Be Strong” Stiletto shoes and leggings that hug the body.

Williams’ body confidently arched in a box, with her lengthy ponytail hairdo training downwards with her head tilted backward, hands braced to steady her frame. In the caption, she announced that Xena was the name of a new collection. She wrote: “Xena is back and better than ever in our cocoa color just in time for fall.”

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