Season 2 of Cheer to Cover Jerry Harris Arrest

Netflix Docuseries Cheer — about the championship cheerleading team at Navarro College in Texas — will tackle the arrest of breakout star, Jerry Harris, on child pornography and sex charges when the show returns for its second season on Jan. 12.

The Season Two trailer features footage of the Harris arrested by FBI in September 2020, as well as what appears to be Navarro coach Monica Aldama’s stunned reaction to the news, “I can’t even process it right now.”In a statement Cheer director, Greg Whiteley, said Harris’ arrest was one of several “difficult moments” the show will explore, along with the pandemic’s impact on the Navarro cheerleading team.

The FBI arrested Harris in September 2020 and charged him with producing child pornography. Prosecutors alleged that Harris had repeatedly asked a boy aged 13 to create and send him pornographic videos and photos. Harris, a 13-year-old boy, allegedly confessed to asking for and receiving child pornography, from 10 to 15, people he knew to be minors, and to having sex in 2019 with a 15-year old cheerleader. 

Harris was eventually charged with seven counts in relation to five minor boy incidents. He’s facing four counts of sexual exploitation of children, one count of receiving and attempting to receive child pornography, one count of traveling with the attempt to engage in sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of enticement. December 2020 Harris pleaded guiltyAll charges.

According to court documents, Harris’ trial date has not yet been set. Rolling Stone, it appears that prosecutors and Harris’ defense team have “met to discuss the possibility of resolving this matter short of trial.”Dec. 6: A filing stated that the parties needed additional time to complete their agreement. “advise the Court about the direction of the case,”A follow-up hearing has been scheduled for January 12. 

Harris’ lawyer did not immediately respond to Harris’ request. Rolling Stone’s request for comment.

Aldama and Navarro cheer will continue to be the main focus, but Season Two of Cheer Trinity Valley Community College, their largest rival, will be shown to them in greater detail. Vontae Johnson is the TVCC coach and Aldama is just as determined as Aldama. Angel Rice, one of the top tumblers in America, is part of their team. “Simone Biles of cheerleading.”

Cheer Season Two was directed by Whiteley, who said of the show’s return in a statement, “This season covers events as they unfolded, beginning in January 2020 through April 2021, following Navarro College and their rival Trinity Valley Community College on their journeys to the national championship. The new episodes also tackle extremely difficult moments, including the impact of Covid-19 and criminal charges against one of Navarro’s former team members. It was inspiring, heartbreaking, sometimes frustrating, and ultimately moving to be a part of their lives.”

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