Season 11, Episode 6 Breakdown and Analysis

Ridloff made a tiny suggestion for Sunday’s episode that helped make it even scarier.

TWD 1106 Lauren Ridloff hallway scene

Lauren Ridloff suggested that Connie slide against the walls to feel the Ferals’ vibrations on Sunday’s episode.


Before we actually started shooting, I had a conversation with [director] Greg [Nicotero] about certain elements,” Ridloff told Insider.

“For example… Connie walks down the hall and she just walks through the center of the hall,” Ridloff said, adding that she pointed out, “There’s no way that a deaf person would ever do that in that situation because when you’re walking down the hall, she has no idea what’s happening behind her.”

Ridloff suggested pushing up against the wall instead, which is seen in the final episode.

“They definitely checked in with me repeatedly just to make sure that I could actually feel the vibrations of the Ferals approaching, running down the hall,” Ridloff said. “Greg definitely worked very hard to make sure that it was a collaborative process to make sure that it was an authentic representation… And I think that’s what made it even more scary.”

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