Season 11, Episode 15 Details You Missed

Ezekiel starts a secret medical clinic at the Commonwealth. It goes back to his beliefs on season seven from when we first met him.

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On Sunday’s episode, Ezekiel is simply “replenishing the well.”

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If you thought Ezekiel’s underground hospital seemed absolutely random, it’s not. The thought process behind helping the less fortunate goes back to his core beliefs from when we first met him on season seven.

“From the very beginning, he has always been about pulling your own weight,” Khary Payton said of his character, Ezekiel, in pre-taped video on “Talking Dead.”

“When he started in the Kingdom, one of the first things he said to Carol and Morgan was, ‘You take from the well, but you replenish the well. Take what you need, but also, you have a responsibility to give back to the community,” Payton added of why Ezekiel chooses to set up this hospital after he’s given a second lease on life at the Commonwealth. 

“Drink from the well, replenish the well” is written on the wall of a room where Carol stays on season seven, episode two, titled “The Well.”

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