Sea Lion Attacks are on the Rise, and they could become even worse

There could be even more sea lion attack due to the increasing number. Climate Change.

On the west coast, some of the usually placid marine creatures have started to exhibit aggressive behavior. California.

A fisherman filmed as one jumped out of the water and onto a boat to grab a man in Redondo Beach, while several surfers have reported being bitten by the animals in Dana Beach.

This is believed to be due a neurotoxin which is causing severe brain damage among sea lions.

John Warner, chief executive officer atMarYou can also find out more about the following:e Mammal Carein Los AngelesInside Edition reports that the neurotoxin comes from a toxic algal bloom of unusual severity off the California coast.

There are ongoing Summer is here! Heatwaves are making things worse.

Marine Mammal Care Center usually treats 30-40 sea lions per time. However, they currently house 120.

Warner declares, “We have reached our maximum capacity.” “We are actually over capacity.”

One worker told Inside Edition that many of these animals were thought to be permanently brain damaged. “They can become quite aggressive.”

According to experts, there are approximately 300,000 sea-lions that live off the Californian coast. As temperatures continue to rise, some people may find themselves in a difficult situation.

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