Scotty Beckett From Our Gang lived Post Gang after the Show ended, and was found dead in 1968 at age 38!

It is not uncommon for child stars under the bad influence to die, but some deaths have shocked their fans. “Our Gang”Scotty Beckett, a child star, is now.

Scott Hastings Beckett was raised in California but his family moved to Los Angeles when Scott was just a toddler. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, Scott settled down. “City of Angels,” His father was taken to the hospital after he fell ill.

While in hospital, little Scotty made it his duty to entertain his dad, and during one of these entertainment sessions, a casting director noticed his unique talent. Scotty was on His way to fame.

Tommy Bond, Spanky McFarland, and Scotty Beckett in a publicity photo for the “Our Gang” Series later to be known as “The Little Rascals.”Image from January 1, 1934. Inset: Scotty Bettett

His first film starred him. “Gallant Lady, “1933 was followed by “Our Gang”1944. He would appear in the shorts until his departure from the show in two tears.

Scotty was a child actor who had been incredibly successful at the time he left, and he didn’t struggle to find work. He appeared in films like “My Favorite Wife,” “Conquest,” “Dante’s Inferno, “Among many other things.

Scotty started going to bars around 1950 when he was surrounded by all the attention. He would often be spotted in the company of other young stars such as Edith Fellows, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Powell, and RoddyMcDowell.

Eileen Bernstein, at far left, and Scotty Beckett (1929-1993), George McFarland (1928-1993), and Billie Thomas (1931-1980) are to the left.

Scotty Beckett From Our Gang lived Post Gang after the Show ended, and was found dead in 1968 at age 38!

It became clear that Scotty was beginning to prioritize his nocturnal activities more than his acting career. Scotty soon became a household name for his irresponsible behavior, which would plague his entire life.

Scotty, who was only 19 years old, had his first. Run-ins with the law were driving while impaired and crashed into another vehicle. He also married Beverly Baker that year.

Baker was unhappy with the end of their marriage and wanted to divorce him. He accused Scotty, who was controlling and jealous, of wanting to leave. His second marriage was to Sunny Vickers, three years later, and they had a son, Scott Hastings Beckett, Jr.

Scene from the Show “Our Gang”

This was [Scotty’s]Third attempt at suicide, and finally, he had succeeded. 

Scotty’s career was affected by his divorce proceedings and his bad reputation for drunkenness. Directors were skeptical about casting him in any role. Yet, trouble continued to follow him.

The Cavalier Hotel was robbed in 1954. $130 was taken. It seemed that the robber got away with it until Scotty was found unconscious in the basement of the hotel with a knife & a gun.

He was arrested but soon after, posted bail, and fled to Mexico with his wife and son. While there, he did nothing but keep a low profile. He got into altercations with the Mexico Police and was once again put in jail.

When he got out three months later, he attempted to get his life back on track and even appeared in movies such as “The Oklahoma” and “Monkey on My Back” but his self-destructing behavior soon had him back to abusing alcohol.

Scotty would soon be arrested for possession of illegal drugs, and two years later, again for drunk driving. That same year, he drove into a tree and suffered multiple fractures on his head, hip and thighs.

“Our Gang” kids celebrating Easter outdoors

The injuries were so severe that Scotty would remain disabled for the rest of his life. And yet, he was still the same old Scotty, always getting arrested for this and that. Leonard Maltin, a film critic, wrote Scott:

“It was a particularly sad end for someone who, as a child, had shown so much easy charm and talent. Scotty Beckett was not the first child star casualty and he would not be the last. But his story is certainly one of the saddest.”

The cast of “Our Gang/Little Rascals” MGM production of TV series Hal Roach. Spanky McFarland holds the football.

Scotty continued to get in trouble with the law. In 1968, Scotty received a severe beating for what was thought to be a backfired drug transaction. After that, he checked into a nursing home.

Two days later, Scotty was gone. From what was believed to have been a barbiturates abuse overdose. This was his third attempt to commit suicide and he had succeeded.

The “Our Gang”Star was only 38. His father had left him a note and a son, who would have to live with the consequences of his misdeeds.

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