Scott Bakula: The Quantum Leap Revival is Closer Than Ever

Scott Bakula: The Quantum Leap Revival is Closer Than Ever

Quantum Leap is a classic sci-fi series that has had rumors of returning in some form or other for years, and now the potential revival is seemingly closer than ever. According to NBC, a sequel series is in the works and Scott Bakula, the original series star, is expected to be involved. 

Quantum Leap revival has gotten a pilot order from NBC, according to VarietyAccording to a source, Scott Bakula, the original star of Quantum Leap (which was cancelled not too long ago on his network TV show), is expected to participate in that pilot project. The premise of the revival is said to center on a new team restarting the Quantum Leap project and trying to figure out what remains unknown about the machine… as well as Bakula’s Dr. Sam Beckett, who vanished into the accelerator 30 years ago.

The cast that would anchor the new show is not known. Quantum LeapIf it is granted a series order, it will be able to revive the show. All signs point towards the revival being still in its early stages even though it received a pilot order. NBC has yet to comment on the reports. Quantum LeapAlthough it is not the place where the show was originally aired during its original five-season run, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it is now the home of the series. 

Donald P. Bellisario was the original creator Quantum LeapAccording to reports, he will be serving as executive producer. He is also a creator, as well as producing, writing, and directing for the series. NCISThis was the anchoring of a franchise which would go on to hire Scott Bakula for seven consecutive seasons as the leading man. NCIS: New Orleans. Bellisario wasn’t, however, responsible to the creation of the New Orleans spinoff. 

Reports of a revival at NBC were made just months after Dean Stockwell’s death. Scott Bakula was the fan-favorite Al, and Scott Bakula shared the screen. He was 85 when he passed away at his home on November 7, 2021. Al was loved and an integral part of the original Run of Quantum LeapIf the revival takes place and Scott Bakula is featured in the pilot, then Al will hopefully get at least some mention. Al might be just as interesting if the new characters become as invested in the mystery of Sam and the original, as Bakula!

Original Quantum LeapThe series starred Stockwell and Bakula for five seasons. It aired on NBC between 1989-1993 for just shy of 100 episodes. Similar to Battlestar GalacticaThe original was a huge success in all its years. And it is possible that a revival will also be similar. BSGIt is in the sense that it returns the show to pop culture and creates new fans.

SYFY’s are available, of course. Battlestar GalacticaIt was a reboot, while the potential new Quantum LeapThe project will be a continuation and revival. It would still be a great addition to the NBC programming. The network also has other unusual shows such as Ordinary JoeAnd of course La BreaHowever, it does not have a primetime sci fi offering. The closest thing to it in recent years was arguably ManifestAt the end of 2020-2021’s TV season,, was cancelled. 

Fans will have to wait until official confirmation of a new show. Quantum LeapIt is in the process with Scott Bakula attached at most to the pilot. The pilot order is an initial step in the production process and does not guarantee that the show will be produced. However, it is a good step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the original series of Quantum LeapIt is currently not available to rent/purchase on any major streaming site. But, you can look at our 2022 spring and winter premiere schedules for some options while you wait. Quantum Leap updates. 

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