Scientists have discovered that vaping can lead to erectile dysfunction in men who use e-cigarettes.

Experts have warned that men who use ecigarettes could experience erectile dysfunction.

Doctors say more research needs be done on different e-cigarette types to find out if they have an impact on men’s sexual health.

Experts have revealed that men who vape are more at risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction


Experts discovered that vapers are more susceptible to erectile dysfunction.Credit: AFP, licensors

Many men have problems with erections.

According to the NHS, stress, fatigue, anxiety, or excessive drinking can all lead to erectile dysfunction.

Experts agree that there is a connection between smoking and erectile disfunction. The NHS suggests that if you want to reduce erectile disorder, quitting smoking is the best option.

According to experts, men between 20-65 years old with no previous history of cardiovascular disease and who use electronic cigarettes are twice as likely than those who have never used them to report erectile disorder.

Experts believe that patients who used ecigarettes, regardless of their age, experienced erectile dysfunction.

Researchers suggest that users of e-cigarettes be made aware of possible erectile dysfunction.

Omar El Shahawy was the lead author of this study and a professor in the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone. He said the link needs to be further explored.

“Our findings highlight the need for further studies to contextualise e-cigarette usage patterns that are relatively safer than smoking.

“Our analyses accounted for the cigarette smoking history of participants, including those who were never cigarette smokers to begin with, so it is possible that daily e-cigarette vaping may be associated with higher odds of erectile dysfunction regardless of one’s smoking history”, he added.

These experts used data from PATH’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study.

They analysed data on 13,711 males over 20 who completed a questionnaire concerning erectile disorders.

Participants in the study were classified as current, former or never smokers.

The participants included almost half former smokers of cigarettes, 21 percent who were currently cigarette smokers, 14 percent who used other tobacco products.

These are the 5 best ways to quit smoking

Here are five tips to help you quit smoking.

Consider the money: Many people are now facing financial hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic. Also, smoking is a costly habit.

Calculate how much time you spend smoking each day. Then, subtract what you spent on cigarettes in a month from what you’d spend on cigarettes in a calendar year.

Consider what you could do with the money, whether it be a vacation or a savings goal.

A pack of 20 cigarettes costs around £14 in the UK.

You might try a substituteThe NHS suggests that one way to stop smoking is to use a nicotine replacement.

Guidance from the NHS states: “Cigarettes are addictive, and self-control alone might not be enough for you to stop entirely.

Use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to increase your chances of success. This is available on prescription from your GP, from your local stop smoking service or from a pharmacist. 

“You could also consider trying e-cigarettes. While they’re not risk-free, they are much safer than cigarettes and can help people stop smoking.”

Get help: Remember that you don’t have to do it all when it comes time to smoke cigarettes.

Your pharmacist or GP can help you determine the best course of action.

Join a support network: According to the NHS, talking to people in your same situation can help you quit.

The NHS states that you’re four times more likely quit smoking if there is support from your local group.

Find your closest group by clicking here Click here.

Get mentally prepared Last year over 300,000 Brits quit smoking amid coronavirus fears.

It’s not difficult to quit if you do.

It’s difficult to quit smoking because it is an addictive drug.

Author of best-selling The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, the late Allen Carr, said: “There is absolutely nothing to give up… there is no genuine
Smoking can be a pleasure or a curse.

“It is just an illusion, like banging your head against a wall to make it pleasant when you stop.”

Daily users were twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction (compared to people who have never used ecigarettes).

Respondents aged between 20 and 65 showed a strong association between e-ciagrettes use and erectile dysfunction.

These individuals had a normal Body Mass Index and no history of cardiovascular disease, which suggests that erectile dysfunction is also common in healthy people.

Experts stated that the study was still limited since it was based only on self-reported data.

Participants were not required to disclose whether they were taking antidepressants, beta blockers, or other medications that can cause erectile dysfunction.

To help smokers quit smoking, e-cigarettes or vapes can be used.

According to the NHS, thousands of UK residents have quit smoking using these devices.

They can help manage your nicotine cravings. A 2019 study showed that those who used them with face-toface support were twice as likely quit smoking.

Another study showed that people who use e-cigarettes are 15% more likely than smokers to have strokes at middle-age.

Under plans to ban e-cigarettes, millions of Brits will be banned from vaping

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