Savannah Chrisley Shares Fertility Issues, Baby-Daddy Backup Plan!

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley shares a teaser trailer for tonight’s episode of the show. Todd’s daughter secures her backup baby daddy. This is an interesting thought considering Savannah just confirmed that Nic Kerdiles, her ex, is back with her. Keep reading for more information.

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley shares her fertility issues

Like Chrisley Knows Best fans know from following Savannah Chrisley’s social media, the 24-year-old businesswoman has baby fever. The baby fever seems to have increased in recent weeks. Noticeably, with the birth of one of her close friends, Raelynn’s baby girl.

Reality TV star Savannah has also been open about her endometriosis diagnosis. Savannah even talked about freezing her eggs due to her fertility problems. In an interview with People, the blonde beauty shared that she is open to alternative means of becoming a mother. “It doesn’t matter how we get there, just as long as we get there,” shares Savannah Chrisley.

Savannah Chrisley Shares Fertility Issues, Baby-Daddy Backup Plan!

Savannah secures a backup baby daddy

Now, it seems like Savannah has secured a backup plan. The trailer shows Savannah out with Chad Bryant. She says, “If none of this works out for either of us, maybe you can just be my baby daddy.” And, Chad doesn’t object. However, Savannah also says that she might take it back because she doesn’t want bald babies.

In the caption, Savannah Chrisley writes, “You know me, I’ve always got a plan!” Also, Savannah is quick to head off any rumors about her and Chad. Following her post, Savannah Chrisley writes the following. “ALSO… @chadlife is my best friend… and he’s definitely not into females hahahah so don’t start your rumors.”

From the looks of the comments, there are a lot of fans that don’t realize that Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles are back together. Savannah recently revealed that they were back together, but she chose not to post about their relationship on Social Media. One of the comments reads, “Get back together with Nick. You guys are so cute together. The babies would be gorgeous.” Luckily, some other fans chime in to let the original commenter know the latest on Savannah and Nic’s relationship.

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