Sandra Bullock Allegedly ‘At Her Breaking Point’Unreliable Source: Boyfriend Fights With Boyfriend

Is it? Sandra BullockShe was really in a fight with her boyfriend Bryan Randall? One cover story says she’s bitter over no engagement ring. Are her feelings really resolute? “private hell?” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘At Her Breaking Point’

According to Us WeeklyBullock might be working too hard. Bullock may be working too hard. Miss Congeniality 2With multiple projects due to be released in the next year, star is still in high demand. One source says, “There’s talk she may be stretching herself too thin.” Friends of Bullock fear that she’s “doing way too much and could really benefit from slowing down,”The insider explains.

To make matters worse, the problems at home. Bullock and Randall started dating in 2015, yet she still hasn’t been proposed to. “For a while, it seemed like a no-brainer that Sandra and Bryan would get married,”Insiders explain. “but all talk of marriage has evaporated.” It’s as if everything blissful about her relationship has disappeared.

What’s Going On With Sandra Bullock?

Gossip CopEvery day, there are stories about women working too much. Sandra Bullock is perfectly capable of running her own schedule, and she’s balanced Hollywood with her family for years now. Releasing Bullet Train, The UnforgivableAnd The Lost City of DIt is not unusual to see this many people in one year.

In fact, it’s actually quite ordinary. Bullock has a remarkable history of releasing multiple films within the same year. It was 2018 Ocean’s 8And Bird Box. 2013. GravityAnd The Heat. Her Academy Award-winning turn in The Blind Side came in 2009 alongside Razzie winner All about SteveAnd The Proposal. Why would any real friend be worried about her for doing as she’s always done?

Bullock reps rebutted the story about family strife. “They are a solid family unit and everything she and Bryan do is for the kids and their best interest. Family is always first.” Bullock is a very private person, so we’ll trust someone who actually knows her over a magazine trying to exploit her with a cover story.

Other Bogus Stories

2017 Us WeeklyReporter ran a story on Jennifer Aniston telling Bullock that Randall should marry her. A representative said that a rep had told Gossip CopThat was the story. “completely untrue,”And time has not been kind. It wasn’t that long ago that this tabloid said there was absolutely no rush for Bullock and Randall, directly contradicting a story from sister magazine OK!. There’s no consistency with this coverage, so it’s impossible to take this story seriously.

Bullock is dogged by marriage rumors, but she hasn’t wed her longtime partner yet. The status quo appears to be working, so you shouldn’t expect an engagement just because Us WeeklyYou should.

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