San Francisco Walgreens Witnesses a Thief in Food Fight

After a brazen shoplifting inside a Walgreens in San Francisco, a suspected thief and another customer went bananas on each other — literally.

The alleged thief could be seen behind the counter, filling his bag with loot. Then, on the way out, he knocked a cell phone out of another customer’s hand. The two of them engaged in a fierce battle.

“What, you want to go?”The suspect said this before he threw a banana from the checkout to the other customer.

The customer returned the favor by throwing more bananas at his thief and hitting him in the back. Then, Chips Ahoy cookies were flung.

Photographer based in San Francisco Nicholas StennetThis wild video was taken.

“I definitely didn’t anticipate a food fight in the middle of a Walgreens — bananas flying, cookies flying. It was definitely a unique situation,” Stennet said.

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