Sam Darnold was dumped by the Jets. Now, he’s winning the breakup.

  • Sam Darnold has the Carolina Panthers off to a 3-0 start.
  • This hot streak of play follows Darnold’s departure by the New York Jets.
  • Simply put, Sam Darnold wins the breakup.

It is hard to break up.

Things can become complicated when two people who thought they had a bright future together suddenly realize their fates are different. There are times when hearts break, there are harsh words and people need to move.

Sam Darnold, who was dropped by the Jets to allow them to devote their full attention to Zach Wilson in the offseason, had to move from New York City to North Carolina to take over as the Panthers’ starting quarterback.

Darnold seems to not be so sad after his three games with the new team.

Darnold led the Panthers’ third consecutive win, a victory that saw them beat a Houston Texans team.

Darnold threw for 398 yards and ran for two touchdowns. After throwing for 279 yards against his former team, Darnold threw 300 yards for the Panthers.

Darnold has thrown for 300 yards four times in his three seasons with the Jets. He threw for over 230 yards only once last year. Darnold is a completely different man with Carolina.

After his big game on Thursday night, Darnold was asked point blank about the shift in his play — what’s the biggest difference between his time in New York and his time with the Panthers.

“I don’t want to talk too much about New York to be honest with you,” Darnold replied. “That’s in the past for me.”

“The New York Jets?” Darnold all but asks. “I’ve never heard of her.”

Although it can be difficult to let go of a relationship, it is sometimes necessary for another one to flourish. Darnold and Zach Wilson look like they have a bright future.

As Zach Wilson and Darnold walk off into the sunset, the Jets wait for things to turn out in their favor. They scroll through Darnold’s Instagram account, an anxious thumb hovering over a screen that has never been double-tapped.

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