Sabina Nessa murder latest – Teacher ‘on way to first date at Kidbrooke pub when murdered’ as vigil planned for tomorrow

Sabina’s death sparks outrage

Sabina’s death has sparked outrage after she joined a growing list of women killed in public spaces in London in recent months.

Following the latest tragedy, campaigners demand that action be taken to end violence against women.

Our Streets Now said: “It’s why we don’t walk where we want, when we want.

“It’s why we tense at the sound of a car pulling up, or of a man crossing the street towards us.

“It’s why 1 in 5 girls have avoided their place of education.

“Please, stop telling us we’re overreacting.

“Sabina Ness, Sarah Everard, Bibaa Henry, Nicole Smallman.

“And these are just the names that we remember.

“Male violence is killing us. It’s restricting our right to be free and equal citizens.

“We need change, now.”

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