Ryan Seacrest Faces Health Scare Due To His Intense Work Hours?

Is Ryan Seacrest‘s health failing him as a result of his brutal work schedule? This time last year, one tabloid claimed the Keeping Up with the Kardashians producer’s health was in crisis. Let’s take another look at the rumor.

‘Workaholic’ Ryan Seacrest In A Frenzy?

Twelve months ago, the National Enquirer reported Ryan Seacrest went into crisis mode after receiving the news that Keeping Up with the Kardashians was coming to its end.

Seacrest had served as a producer on the show for years, which was undoubtedly a welcomed source of revenue, but the tabloid suggests Seacrest may have been depending on the money a bit more than everyone realized. According to the report, his health was actually suffering from the stress of losing the show.

The source dished Seacrest was “reeling toward [an] early grave” over the loss. And apparently, the TV personality was “spinning himself into a frenzy” and “racking his brain trying to come up with something to replace it.”

The insider even noted that Seacrest’s famous workaholic tendencies have affected other areas of his life — like his romantic relationships. “[His] workaholic tendencies have wrecked every relationship he’s been in,” the source revealed. Finally, the magazine consulted a doctor who hadn’t treated Seacrest to discuss the health risks of overworking.

What’s Going On With Ryan Seacrest?

This report seemed unlikely a year ago when it was published, but time has proven just how misleading it was. Seacrest wasn’t dying and didn’t even seem stressed about the show ending. In fact, during his announcement that the show was wrapping up, he took the time to celebrate what the show was and thank everyone who helped make it.

And now that the show has actually ended, Seacrest isn’t sweating the loss. In fact, Seacrest marked the show’s last episode with a sweet throwback photo and heartfelt message on Instagram.

The post’s caption read, “Thank you to the Kardashians and Jenners for allowing us to be a part of your family, through the ups and downs, and to our friends at Bunim Murray who were there to document these special moments. Congrats on all the success and here’s to the next chapter!” This sentiment definitely doesn’t match the tabloid’s story about him.

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