Russian Man Makes a Solar-Powered Elevator For His Balcony

All buckled in and ready for action. However, this wheelchair-bound man finds a different way to leave his house. 

Alexander Yudin, aged 69, lives in Russia. He said he needed a way to get from his apartment on his third floor to his home after losing his ability of walking three years ago.

His building didn’t offer any solutions for low-mobility residents, and accommodations for low-mobility people are hard to come by, so Yudin came up with his own elevator system.

Yudin is an electrician by trade. He created a solar powered balcony elevator to help him get out of his house if it lost power.

Living on a fixed income, he says it took him a while to save up for the parts he needed to create the elevator, but in the end, it was all worth it.

Yudin claims that he now has full freedom, a job, as well as a very active social life. His creation proved to be a great pick-me up. 

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